Nine Book Reviews for the First Half of 2013


Haven't done a book review in awhile! I have plowed through more than a couple of good books (and some meh ones) over the course of the last few months. Here's are some quick recommendations: 1. The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin As a big Seth Godin fan, this was the book I was drooling about in 2012. So much so that one of the first activities I did in 2013 was to read it. (it was released January 1) I have to say - I was a bit disappointed (something I never would have imagined I would say for an SG book). The book is mainly about not being afraid to pursue your dreams. If I read it in a vacuum, I probably would have enjoyed and gotten more out of it. But coming from reading … [Read more...]

July 2013 Open Coffee Postscript

JGL's July Open Coffee

There was a moment during the actual pitching proper last Saturday's Open Coffee event that I looked at Matt and AR of JGL and said, "I love this...I love it!" It was one of the many times when someone in the audience had the the RIGHT contact or the RIGHT information and then just generously offers it to the pitcher who needs it. This encapsulates the whole point of Juan Great Leap: collaboration and learning. The JGL Open Coffee format pushes this to another level: there is no "sage on the stage" or a central source of information. It's just entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-minded people helping one another out. As usual, last Saturday was very, very different from every other Open … [Read more...]

Why TURBO is (surprisingly) the most entrepreneurial movie you’ll see in years

The most entrepreneurial animated film you'll ever see!

I watched TURBO last night with my family. The wifey liked it. The kids LOVED it.  Unbeknownst to them, I was loving it a little more than I probably should. Why? Turbo is easily the greatest entrepreneurial animated movie I have ever seen!!!  (now that's a sentence I'd never, ever thought about writing in this blog) At the risk of spoiling the movie by detailing how exactly it achieved this, let me just enumerate several entrepreneurial themes that I managed to observe in the movie. There were SO many.  To wit (when you do watch the movie, do see if you can tick some of these off - most are pretty obvious): A "crazy" one dreaming of a big thing The desire to leave the … [Read more...]

5 Must-ask Questions for Your Co-Founder Interviews


If you've been reading this blog for awhile now, you already know how much emphasis I put at the process of finding the right partner. Actually, wrong partner selection is THE single reason I've failed in multiple previous  startups. Do NOT take this delicate process haphazardly. To help you with this process, I'd like to share some practical questions you can ask a potential partner during an interview. This is by no means a comprehensive list - these are just a random, practical list of questions I've found to be pretty helpful over the years. 1) What are your own dreams for this startup? You want a partner, not an employee. You want someone who will share your startup dream and … [Read more...]


April Edition at Bo's Coffee

WHAT: OPEN COFFEE (JUNE EDITION) WHEN: June 22, 2013 9:30 am WHERE: 47 East Compound, 47 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, QC (Right in front of the MCDC school) It's that time of the month again! For those who've been to one of the sessions, you already know how awesomely helpful open coffee is when it comes to networking, validating ideas, and finding opportunities are concerned. I'm excited to see all the familiar faces! For those who haven't gone - you just have to check out for yourself what all the fuss is about! Do click HERE to reserve your slot! (Do bring a minimum fee of P100 to pay for coffee and simple snacks) (Know anyone who would benefit from … [Read more...]

How To Assemble Your Startup Entourage


(the following is a guest post by multi-awarded entrepreneur Maoi Arroyo) As a junkie of all things startup, I’ve always loved shows like Bloomberg’s TechStars. Whichever season you watch, these entrepreneurship-themed reality shows try to select the best teams as opposed to the best ideas. As Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar, famously said:  “The view that good ideas are rarer and more valuable than good people is rooted in a misconception of creativity. If you give a good idea to a mediocre team, they’ll screw it up. But if you give a mediocre idea to a great team, they’ll make it work.” If there’s one thing I learned in the nine years I’ve helped tech-based startups get off the … [Read more...]

Last Two Days for Early Bird Rates for Pitchcraft!


Hey people! At midnight tomorrow, May 15, the early bird rate for Pitchcraft: How To Develop a Killer Pitch for Raising Capital and Recruiting will expire. For the content it provides (great speakers, killer panel, chance for real pitches in front of institutional investors), I think this is a great deal, so you might want to grab tickets now. You can do so here.  … [Read more...]

How to take your consulting/freelancing gig to the next level

one thing

I know quite a number of freelancers and consultants, engaged in a variety of services: design, HR Consulting, programming, writing, training, fitness, and so on. These guys are cool - they are able to live the dream of being their own boss and at the same live comfortably. Some of them are perfectly content with their lifestyle and current circle of clients. I remember one of them telling me recently: "Why should I complicate my life getting more clients?" (For me, this is awesome.) Some of them though, want to expand and are constantly seeking ways to do so. Some have opted to hire an employee or two to help them grow. Maybe more. If you are among the latter category, this article is … [Read more...]

Is There a Superman Your Clark Kent Can Become?

clark kent

In this early 2005 interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder described Facebook as: "I mean, I just really want to see everyone focus on college and make a really cool college directory product...there doesn't necessarily have to be more..." Zuck was intent on just focusing in colleges. He was ecstatic with his 3 million users. Then, somewhere along the way, he realized he was sitting on a goldmine. Now? He's just passed his first BILLION users. Sometimes, all we need is a fresh look at our business to experience an epiphany.  Pao and I experienced the same thing in STORM around 2 years ago. (at a lesser extent than Zuck, obviously) We were making most of our money off … [Read more...]



It's OPEN COFFEE TIME again this March 23, 930 am at the 47 East Facility at Loyola Heights. We're inviting all startup-minded folk - veterans, startup newbies, and especially those who wish to take the leap - to drop by this awesome venue to both learn and network! For those new to this monthly gathering, the format of OPEN COFFEE is pretty unique - everyone will have a strict 2 minutes to make a pitch. A pitch could be ANYTHING - a business idea, a call for advice, a call to partner, a recruitment pitch, etc... (Well, anything EXCEPT doing a hard sell of an existing product or service) And as those who've been to past sessions can attest - these sessions are AWESOME. Do reserve your … [Read more...]


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