The Time Value of ACTION

The Time Value of Money: Definition: money available at the present time is worth more than the same amount in the future. So, simply put, we'd rather have money now than the same value in the future. The same thing holds true for action.  Let me posit an integrated theory then: The Time Value of Action:  Definition: action done NOW is worth more than the same action done in the future. This blog is a testament to this sort of thinking. The original idea for this blog was that I had wanted to make a book chronicling and documenting the various things I was learning while running a startup. That thought started in the middle of 2011. I had created a table of contents already. I … [Read more...]

Documenting the first JUANGREATMEET

WHAT: Juan Great Meet WHERE: Astoria Plaza WHEN: March 27, 2012 We were around 40 people packed in the Chelsea Room of Astoria. I started out with profusely thanking everyone who came. I gave a short talk entitled, "The 5 EPIC fails which almost did us in," which detailed the 5 worst mistakes we've ever done in our startup - these were also pretty much the 5 biggest lessons we had to learn. Incidentally, the five were the following: 1) Bad hiring 2) Failing to listen to customers 3) Failing to think big 4) Saying yes to everything 5) Failing to plan for our own obsolescence Here's a short excerpt regarding hiring: After some Q&A with me, we proceeded to … [Read more...]

Juan Great Night!

Was going to do my event update post tomorrow, but I couldn't help post something right now. Amazing night! Thank you so much everyone for your passion, your energy, and your time! I was so inspired by everyone's stories and learned so much! Amazing, amazing night! More startups please!   … [Read more...]


Hey people, Two people just backed out due to sudden schedule conflicts. We now have two slots open. If you are interested in going, please send me an email at before 12:00 noon tomorrow. Do send it in ASAP so I can reserve your slot. Event's on at 7:00 pm tomorrow at the Chelsea Room, Astoria Plaza. Seeya everyone! Peter … [Read more...]

Is following God a strategic career move?

I had always believed and said to people that God was at the center of my life. Only, I realize now that for most of my adult life, that was mostly just lip-service. Yes, I would go to Mass every Sunday, quickly pray before sleeping (especially when I needed something), and always tried to do the right thing. Me and God were "good," I thought. In the meantime, the decisions I made in my life never involved Him. I would go from job to job never thinking about what God would want from me. I formed relationships in my life with nary a thought on faith. I had always been fiercely independent, leaving my parents' house to forge my own path as soon as I could've. This would partly explain … [Read more...]


Okay! We're 40 strong on Tuesday for the first ever JUANGREATMEET!!! (I couldn't say no to the 5 additional people). I had to put my foot down at 40 people - the venue cannot accomodate it. So - Arnold, Melissa, Dennis, Glen, Gep, Ian, JP, Carlos, Jonathan, Jonathan's business partner, Johann, Mrs. Johann, Joey, Robbie T., Artie, Jeff, Sherwin, Andrew, Kathy, Ryan, Chey, Cesar, Roy, Ansyl, Lauren, William, Macky, Reggie, Irene, Erica, Gigi, Raffy, Kiyo, Martin, Peter I, Brenda, Robbie G, Alex, Sharon, and RG, see you all on Tuesday! I'll be sending you guys a quick survey in a while, kindly please answer and email back to me. The survey will help me prepare better for Tuesday. Again, … [Read more...]

Bizkitchen Startup Recruitment Event

Hey everyone! I know this is short notice, but if you're interested in joining a startup, our Startup incubator / community, called Bizkitchen, is holding a Recruitment Event on THURSDAY March 22, 7pm at the 28th floor, Union Bank Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The event will consist on a short talk on startups, a primer on all the companies which belong to the group, as well as an idea as to what kind of openings there are. Do email me at if you are going so I can reserve a slot for you. Please don't confuse this event with JuanGreatMeet which is occurring the week after, on the 27th. Juangreatmeet is about FORMING startups. This Bizkitchen event is about JOINING … [Read more...]

How 2 Powerful Words Can Help You Sidestep Fear

I remember years ago when I was congratulating my friend Jigger Galvez for the opening his BreadBag Pandesal store in Ortigas Home Depot. (which by the way, has awesome, original food - the roast beef pandesal is divine) He said something which made quite an impact on me. He said "Try lang." He was referring of course to the whole entrepreneurial endeavor. Try lang. The way he said it was almost apologetic, conveying a sense of - if it works, it works, if not, don't blame me for trying. When you think about it, it's a bit funny that he responded to my "Congratulations!" with a "Try lang." But this attitude is totally understandable. We all have a fear of failure. So when we put … [Read more...]

5 EXTRA SLOTS for Juan Great Meet, March 27, Astoria Plaza

The 30 original slots for Juan Great Meet on March 27, 2012, Astoria Plaza are now filled up. We'll be allotting five (5) extra slots for those who still want to go, so please send me an email at to reserve your slot. We cannot allow anymore slots after this because of venue capacity.  Again, for those who confirmed, I trust you, so please don't flake :) I'm excited to see everyone! … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Why You Will Fail To Have A Great Career

This a great companion piece to the last post, serendipitously sent to me by a friend (thanks Jan Castro). Larry Smith hits it out the park with equal parts pathos, passion, and persuasion. Watch it here. Enjoy! … [Read more...]