Startup Resources Galore From Steve Blank

Quick one. Just had to repost this. This is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to know about how modern entrepreneurship and startups work. Assembled by startup guru Steve Blank. Do enjoy reading it, learning from it, and most importantly, start building something out of it! … [Read more...]

Matt Lapid’s Juan Great Leap – All The Way from California!

Matt Lapid is Juan Great Leap's official first hire. I first got in touch with him when I opened my email account and got to read his very convincing cover letter. It's quite apt that the hire happens two days before JGL's first year anniversary. I thought I found a kindred spirit talking with Matt during the interview process: his passion was very evident, he was a God-fearing person, he had this genuine desire to give back, he writes, and he took this great big leap of faith.  Here's Matt himself  with his story. - Peter Hi there! My name is Matt Lapid. I am a Fil-Am, born and raised in the States. I’ve decided to take one great leap by working with Juan Great Leap. Pretty direct … [Read more...]

Saturday Night Gimmick!

It's a Saturday night. I'm a bit tired coming from a party. The kids are asleep. Pauline's on TV. After a full week, I'm on my bed wanting to relax and have my me-time. Three things to choose from: a book to read, NBA 2k13, or surfing the web. I choose to surf the web. What do I end up doing? Going to Linkedin to recruit for some startup openings we have. One way to look at it: that's pretty sad, man!  Another way to look at it: I find work fun, and I'm not trying to escape it.  Work on something you love. It's becomes a virtuous circle. … [Read more...]

Updated Jobs In Our Startup Community – Apply Now!!!

(I've recently updated the jobs link with a host of different openings from our network. The page is copied below. For any applications, do send me a note at  Below are the startup career opportunities in the JUAN GREAT LEAP (JGL)'s Startup Community, updated as of  November 22, 2012. If you are interested in any of these, please  shoot me an email at, along with a resume or Linkedin link. All these jobs are STARTUP jobs, so expect the following from all of them: a) the job description is fluid: the job WILL change as the startup changes b) you will have a lot of freedom to create and leave your mark c) there is always a possibility … [Read more...]

5 Things I Learned in Raising Investment Money

You guys know that I've always advocated bootstrapping. I will ALWAYS advocate bootstrapping as the way to go. But when someone asks me if she should raise money though, I never ever blurt out a "you should always bootstrap first." The real (sometimes frustrating) answer is of course, "it depends." It depends on whether your idea needs a lot of capital to begin with. It depends on the market. It depends on how defensible your position is to new entrants. It depends on your market adaptability rate. Sometimes, it also depends on where you want to take your startup. Our first bootstrapped startup, STORM, became profitable on around its 3rd year, then it just grew pretty fast … [Read more...]

Waiting breathlessly for a co-founder? Just start.

Off the top of my head, I could name 10 different people who cannot get their startup off the ground because of the lack of a co-founder. During the open forum of the last JUAN GREAT MEET in Briggy, there was a flurry of co-founder related questions: How do you find the right co-founder? Where do you find the right co-founder? Is it right to co-found companies with friends? What struck me during the proceedings was when someone added to the discussion (I think it was Joey Gurango): okay, so why would you need a co-founder in the first place?  You know, it's very clear for me why a co-founder is better than going at it alone: you want have someone to be with in the trenches, someone … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Reverse Momentum

I haven't written in around 2 weeks. Last week, I had an excuse - I was bedridden for much of the time. This week though, I could've hammered out some posts earlier, but I just inexplicably refused to do so - it was like I was allergic to the keyboard all of a sudden. Since I hadn't written in a long time, it was sort of easier to keep not writing - and it seemed like such a chore to start. It was reverse momentum! The more I didn't move, the more I didn't want to move. I realize there were so many other aspects in my life that I've felt this way about: going back to the gym after stopping for a while, finishing a book I had started, getting back into daily prayer, eating the … [Read more...]


Apologies for the radio silence these past few days, people. I was struck by a very very very nasty virus last weekend that has rendered me home and horizontal for the whole week. I tried to write, but quickly found I couldn't form coherent thoughts and just merely looking at a digital screen made me nauseous. Hope to be back to my normal blog routine by next week, though! Thanks for the patience! (Oh and yes, we found A TWO FOOT SNAKE in our kitchen this morning - what a week!) … [Read more...]