Are You Ready To Finally Face Your Fulcrum Moment in 2013?

It usually comes down to one thing, doesn't it? It could be finally registering your firm. Or perhaps making that site you've been working on live. It could be doing that big talk with a parent to say your heart isn't in the family business and hasn't been for awhile. It could be deciding to resign from corporate. Or to finally using the savings you've worked so hard to accumulate. It could be deciding to pursue funding to aggressively seize an opportunity for an existing startup, typically foregoing comfort and control. It could be something as deceptively simple as writing someone an email or scheduling a meeting or talking to your boss. It's precisely THE ONE action which would push … [Read more...]

A Merry Christmas Never Comes too Late

Christmas can be a very busy time of the year, especially here in the Philippines. In the Philippines, Christmas is not just a one day celebration, but rather a series of celebrations that starts weeks and sometimes months in advance. Here, Christmas is a marathon of celebrations. I attended my first Christmas party at the end of November and started exchanging presents at the beginning of this month. It's been non-stop since then. Just thinking about all the Christmas parties I've attended makes me exhausted. As I stop to think about how my Christmas has been spent, and is being spent, I'm starting to realize that I've been very selfish this Christmas. I've received so much, but given … [Read more...]

Don’t let Christmas be a Corporate Cliché

I spent a twelve years in corporate, from one company to another. Across these dozen years, I have bounced around in different firms. Christmas is celebrated more or less the same way: A big “Christmas” party is planned The party starts with a token prayer (typically by the HR guy) The CEO starts a speech, usually beginning with something like “Hey, I know you guys want to party, so I’ll keep this short!” (he usually doesn’t).  It’s on       dreaded Powerpoint. It’s filled with graphs about the company, how it performed, how next year would be even more amazing. Then the CEO ends the speech with something like a “KAIN TAYO!” Food and drinks are served A raffle ensues. Some … [Read more...]

THINK: You Only Have 1 Peso

I started out my day with 50 pesos in my pocket. By 5pm, I had 1 peso. I had food waiting for me at home. True, I didn’t have any more expenses for the day, but I still needed to hop on the MRT to get home. Good thing, I had a stored value card to get me there. On the journey home, I was drunk with excitement. I felt liberated without the resources that would usually shield me from hardship. I was ready for any obstacle because I literally had nothing to lose. The only thing on my mind was to get home to food and shelter, and I knew I’d get there someway, somehow.  While this romanticized anecdote is a product of my own recklessness and negligence, I savor that 1 Peso … [Read more...]

How To Shut Your Way Up To Sales Success

Back around 2007, I remember being thoroughly underwhelmed by the CEO of a multinational company our startup competed with. Our companies were summoned by a client in a joint meeting to compete for a bid. I distinctly remember telling Pao: "The guy didn't say anything and just wrote down notes. He was so unimpressive." Little did I know that not saying anything and taking down notes were quite strategic in one on one sales, so much so in B2B sales. Stubborn that I was, it took me a year or two to incorporate the same strategies in my own sales meetings. Back then, whenever we did sales pitches, people would always react at how young we were - and this always felt like a hurdle in … [Read more...]

Why Slow and Steady WON’T Always Win the Race For You

Growing up, I was always told that it is through consistent, regular effort that we make great things happen. Experience has taught me that this isn't always the case, moreso with a number of "great" things. For example, the people I know who have undergone uber-dramatic (and lasting) weight loss did it by doing something drastic in the beginning - like a month of little to no carbs coupled with really small portions. For those of us who love eating, you know how difficult this is - a truly supreme effort. In a month, results became obvious and motivated my friends even more to see things through. For these friends of mine, "slow and steady" efforts over years never yielded the … [Read more...]

How many times have you been called CRAZY?

How many times have you been called crazy? How many times has someone told you that you couldn’t do something? How many times have you had a good idea and let it disappear into nothing? How many times have you despaired? How many times? I’ve been called crazy for thinking I can change the Philippines, so many times. I’ve been told that it’d be impossible to start a business at my age, so many times. I’ve let ideas disappear, so many times. I’ve despaired too many times. So many times… and yet I’m here. Yes I am here, and so many times people have asked me, “Why are you here?” What I want to tell them is: “I am here because I choose and want to be here. I see a brighter future … [Read more...]

Hope Is the Common Entrepreneurial Thread

I have interacted and talked to a multitude of startup entrepreneurs over the course of these last few years. You can bet I have tried to figure them out. What is the common thread? What makes an entrepreneur? There are a number of things which stand out: tenacity, hard work, execution, with good doses of people skills and creative problem solving. You'd probably find these characteristic in a number of entrepreneurial books and blogs. What I realize now though is that perhaps the most common thread is a bit more rudimentary. It isn't a skill in as much as it is a paradigm, a state of mind, a way of looking at things. It's hope. All startup founders I've met are hopeful … [Read more...]

For the Young Entrepreneur: Do not Fear the Lingo, Get down with it! (Even more fun with wise friends!)

(Matt Lapid will be regularly posting original articles with me here on JGL, with the perspective of being brand-new entrepreneur. Heres his second article. As usual, please tell us what you think with the content we are pumping out for you. Gracias! - Peter) “So is it a B2B or B2C…Kasi pwedeng B2C…Pwede rin B2B, but you need to define your niche market and validate…BOOTSTRAP…Looks like you have an MVP!” This is the lingo that resonates after being with JGL for one week. Initially, I felt like “huh?” all the time. “What’s a B2B? I never took calculus.” In spite of my ignorance, I understood that even if I were to attain a tiny bit of knowledge of simple business terms it would … [Read more...]

How to Avoid The Marshmallow Career

In a landmark study done in 1972 by Stanford psychologist Walter Mischel, hundreds of children were offered a marshmallow. However, each child was told that if they could resist eating the marshmallow for 15 minutes, they would receive a second marshmallow. Decades after, it was found that the children who delayed gratification (around a third of the 600 students who participated), were described as more competent, had higher SAT scores, and went on to have better careers. A few days ago an entrepreneurial friend of mine posted a quick "Pera o Passion?" poll on his Facebook page. The last I checked, "pera" was leading.  It was understandable, but I have to admit, I felt a bit … [Read more...]