Startup Resources Galore From Steve Blank

Quick one. Just had to repost this. This is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to know about how modern entrepreneurship and startups work. Assembled by startup guru Steve Blank. Do enjoy reading it, learning from it, and most importantly, start building something out of it!

Saturday Night Gimmick!
Yep, that's my foot!

Saturday Night Gimmick!

It's a Saturday night. I'm a bit tired coming from a party. The kids are asleep. Pauline's on TV. After a full week, I'm on my bed wanting to relax and have my me-time. Three things to choose from: a book to read, NBA 2k13, or surfing the web. I choose to surf the web. What do…


Updated Jobs In Our Startup Community – Apply Now!!!

(I've recently updated the jobs link with a host of different openings from our network. The page is copied below. For any applications, do send me a note at peter@juangreatleap.com)  Below are the startup career opportunities in the JUAN GREAT LEAP (JGL)'s Startup Community, updated as of  November 22, 2012. If you are interested in any of…


5 Things I Learned in Raising Investment Money

You guys know that I've always advocated bootstrapping. I will ALWAYS advocate bootstrapping as the way to go. But when someone asks me if she should raise money though, I never ever blurt out a "you should always bootstrap first." The real (sometimes frustrating) answer is of course, "it depends." It depends on whether your idea needs…


Waiting breathlessly for a co-founder? Just start.

Off the top of my head, I could name 10 different people who cannot get their startup off the ground because of the lack of a co-founder. During the open forum of the last JUAN GREAT MEET in Briggy, there was a flurry of co-founder related questions: How do you find the right co-founder? Where do you find…


The Dangers of Reverse Momentum

I haven't written in around 2 weeks. Last week, I had an excuse - I was bedridden for much of the time. This week though, I could've hammered out some posts earlier, but I just inexplicably refused to do so - it was like I was allergic to the keyboard all of a sudden. Since I hadn't…



Apologies for the radio silence these past few days, people. I was struck by a very very very nasty virus last weekend that has rendered me home and horizontal for the whole week. I tried to write, but quickly found I couldn't form coherent thoughts and just merely looking at a digital screen made me nauseous. Hope…


Two Wunderkinds In a Row!

Quick, tell me the last Filipino you know who created a product in his college years and turned it into a business? I wrote this line last Thursday morning in the (very popular) Wunderkind post. Who knew I'd meet another wunderkind just a couple of hours after publishing that post?  I had a meeting with Noreen Bautista of Jacinto…

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