Forget Your Career And Pursue Your Vocation

My So-called Career Development For the most part of my adult life, I thought I knew what I had wanted to do. I wanted to pursue a career in HR. I wanted to make money. I wanted to make my resume as impressive as I could possible make it. And so I tried my very best to achieve these. I knew they would make me happy. At particular points, I would find myself dissatisfied with certain facets. So, I just decided on changing some things along the way. Not enough money? Join a better-paying firm. Resume not impressive enough? Get an advanced degree. Still not happy? Party and go out with friends. In my fourth company, Chikka, I became extremely confused. I was doing … [Read more...]

JOIN A STARTUP! – I’ve recently updated our jobs page

Updated job openings! Please do find our updated list of job openings in our startup network! You can click on the link at the menu above or just click here.  You can contact either me (at or Angeli ( for queries or to send your resume. … [Read more...]

Danny Moynihan’s Brilliant Open Coffee Moment

It was around 11:30 am. I just closed the main pitching activity at the recently-held JGL Open Coffee activity and told everyone to gather at the hallway of 47 East to take a quick group pic. And so we did. After that, I told everyone it was free time. You can probably imagine what happens next. Wondrous chaos. People began to just talk with one another. Small groups of 2, 3, and four people began to form. Energy filled the room. And then, incoming senior student Danny Moynihan unassumingly enters the room. He quickly introduced himself to me, and then apologized for being late (he was from the south and got lost). He then asked: "Is the pitching … [Read more...]

Is There a Superman Your Clark Kent Can Become?

In this early 2005 interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder described Facebook as: "I mean, I just really want to see everyone focus on college and make a really cool college directory product...there doesn't necessarily have to be more..." Zuck was intent on just focusing in colleges. He was ecstatic with his 3 million users. Then, somewhere along the way, he realized he was sitting on a goldmine. Now? He's just passed his first BILLION users. Sometimes, all we need is a fresh look at our business to experience an epiphany.  Pao and I experienced the same thing in STORM around 2 years ago. (at a lesser extent than Zuck, obviously) We were making most of our money off … [Read more...]

Startups Unplugged – A Video Montage

The moment was captured. So real, honest, and simple. It illustrates the warmth and vibrancy of a growing community that supports and is open to collaboration. To all the leaders and feeders in the startup community, may this video fuel your spirits :) … [Read more...]

The Software Guru tells the Real Story: On Startups, Bankruptcy, and Attitude (Part 1 of the Joey Gurango Series)

I remember texting Peter right after my interview with Joey Gurango, which was just days before Startups Unplugged. In my text, I asked Peter about what he thought about posting an uncut version of Joey's interview on JGL. The reason for my suggestion was that after my interview with Joey, I was completely taken aback by the incredible knowledge that he was sharing with me; even though I wasn't a techie, Joey's stories resonated with me and schooled the heck out of me. Everything Joey shared with me just seemed so important, so I wanted to post everything that he said. While I must admit, I've omitted some parts of the conversation to be practical, this is still a very raw version of what … [Read more...]


It's OPEN COFFEE TIME again this March 23, 930 am at the 47 East Facility at Loyola Heights. We're inviting all startup-minded folk - veterans, startup newbies, and especially those who wish to take the leap - to drop by this awesome venue to both learn and network! For those new to this monthly gathering, the format of OPEN COFFEE is pretty unique - everyone will have a strict 2 minutes to make a pitch. A pitch could be ANYTHING - a business idea, a call for advice, a call to partner, a recruitment pitch, etc... (Well, anything EXCEPT doing a hard sell of an existing product or service) And as those who've been to past sessions can attest - these sessions are AWESOME. Do reserve your … [Read more...]

5 Things I’ve Learned from Startups Unplugged

I've been trying to push myself to blog Post Startups Unplugged, and share all the instances of serendipity that truly made this miracle happen. However, I thought that it would be more effective if I were to cut to the chase about what I actually learned from it all. Here it goes! These are the 5 things that I've learned from Startups Unplugged: Ask and you shall receive. I had no shame in asking sponsors to join Startups Unplugged. This is how I usually got in contact with a sponsor: A kind individual would give me a business card of XYZ individual from XYZ organization, and I'd literally call that person on the spot, even it if was the direct line of the CEO. It might sound too crazy … [Read more...]

The crucial art of finding business partners

I've written about this matter extensively in this blog - I can't over-emphasize how important finding the right partner is. In fact, I think I can say that for my case, this factor has been THE biggest factor determining a startup's success or failure. I recently wrote an article for summarizing what I think are the most important items to consider. Do check it out here.  … [Read more...]

Startups Unplugged. Wow.

In a lot of ways, it was like launching a startup. The concept (sorta-kinda-like group speed dating) had never been done before and it was either going to be AMAZING or a complete, fiery DISASTER. No in-between. We thought it was a great way of creating better impact with a larger crowd than the usual conference/panel format. It was like holding a candle to a moth. We had to do it. It now fell on the capable shoulders of Matt Lapid to execute. So how did it go? At around 230, we started with a prayer, a sorta keynote (I felt totally unworthy doing a keynote, so I instead just went with some reminders), and then I painstakingly went through with the instructions - which … [Read more...]