An Appeal to Generous Hearts – Let’s Help a Fellow Entrepreneur in Need

Coming back from lunch last Monday, I was surprised to see someone who has been a frequent attendee at JGL events. Let's call him Mark (not his real name). When I began talking to him in our conference room, tears began to well up in his eyes as he narrated his story. This wasn't going to be another startup brainstorming. His mom's kidneys were failing, and she needed to undergo dialysis to properly filter her blood and survive. This would be something permanent - she would need to undergo dialysis three times a week. Mark and his brother had been scrambling the past few weeks to keep up with the payments. They had resorted to selling appliances and personal belongings. But now … [Read more...]

June Open Coffee Postscript – This Just Keeps on Getting Bigger

As usual, everyone had a grand time in the June edition of JGL's Open Coffee series held at the beautiful 47 East compound last Saturday. It was a good mix of seasoned startup guys (like Joey Gurango, Ari Bancale, Jojy Azurin, Glenn Santos, David Elefant, Jason De la Rosa, Robert Bernabe, Roxanne Aquino, and so many others), newly-minted startup guys, and newbies. As per Open Coffee tradition,'s main man Glenn Santos starts things off with some startup news: The first pitch is always kind of crucial. There's usually a bit of hesitation as to who wants to go first. Not in the June edition though! An evident trend I really like is the increase of the … [Read more...]

Do you really need Near Death to finally begin living life?

A few months ago a friend of mine told me about her recent life-changing plane trip It was the stuff of nightmares. The plane she was riding in was becoming unstable. So much so that they actually released the gas masks and were given instructions to brace themselves. She thought that was it for her. Fortunately, no crisis happened. A different crisis though, was slowly swelling within her. After her horrendous ordeal, she began questioning everything. Why still be in corporate if she's not happy? Why wasn't she spending as much time with her kids? What did she REALLY want to do? What is her purpose? She is now in the process of changing her life. Aligning it. We know … [Read more...]

Elon Musk’s Must-see Interview and Why You Need To Follow Him

Google "real-life Tony Stark" and the only name you'll see is ELON MUSK. Somehow, I think Elon is still under the radar. My wife doesn't know him. The man on the street won't know him. He doesn't have Jobs's brand. Yet, I think he's a much more fascinating entrepreneur than Jobs ever was. (with all the Apple in my house, this is a pretty loaded statement) Also, I think Elon wins the badass entrepreneurial name battle. "Elon Musk" > "Steve Jobs" He DOES sound like someone who would be captain of a martian spacecraft! If you're wondering what the fuss is all about, watch the fascinating video below from the recent D11 Conference. (I'm serious, watch it! Don't skip over … [Read more...]

75 now confirmed for OPEN COFFEE. Register NOW to grab the last slots!

Looks like we'll be having our biggest open coffee yet! 75 people now confirmed! We have to cap the attendees to a manageable level (too many people doesn't work for the format used). We'll be closing off registration at 100 slots. Do register HERE now to quickly reserve your slot. (I suggest doing it NOW) I'm excited to see everyone this Saturday, 9:30 am at the magnificent 47 East compound! … [Read more...]

Don’t Slip Into The Entrepreneur Entitlement Trap

It was one of my most painful learning experiences as an entrepreneur. Around 3 years ago I was invited to be an investor/co-founder in a mobile startup. We were four people. The resumes of my co-founders were dazzling - Ivy League degrees, corporate stalwarts, multiple successful ventures. I signed up immediately. I also proceeded to make the most sizeable investment I've ever made (not my usual fare as a passionate proponent of bootstrapping and  minimum seeding) We met once a week. On Skype. There was no one fulltime among the founders. The company was everyone's second or even third priority. The deadlines were soft, chewy, and unaccounted for. We were burning money … [Read more...]

How I’m Picking Up The Pieces and Re-Launching Them As Startups. Anyone interested in being founders?

Around 3 years ago, STORM was in a rut. We made a sellable product in Flexible Benefits. We were so excited that people were ACTUALLY BUYING our product that we... ...made OTHER products instead of concentrating and building on our winner. I blame my entrepreneurial craziness for this one. Wrote about this a bit for - on the serial temptation.  Soon, we had more products than we had people! While each idea was an innovative one and made a BIT of money for us, what we mostly produced was a boatload of mediocrity. Instead of making one GREAT thing - we did a number of  inspired but UNDEVELOPED products. So channeling our inner Steve Jobs, we killed all our horses except … [Read more...]


WHAT: OPEN COFFEE (JUNE EDITION) WHEN: June 22, 2013 9:30 am WHERE: 47 East Compound, 47 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, QC (Right in front of the MCDC school) It's that time of the month again! For those who've been to one of the sessions, you already know how awesomely helpful open coffee is when it comes to networking, validating ideas, and finding opportunities are concerned. I'm excited to see all the familiar faces! For those who haven't gone - you just have to check out for yourself what all the fuss is about! Do click HERE to reserve your slot! (Do bring a minimum fee of P100 to pay for coffee and simple snacks) (Know anyone who would benefit from … [Read more...]

On the New Storm Office, the Infamous Orange Chair, and Why You Can Do It!

STORM transferred to its newest office a few weeks ago. I love it! It's brightly lit, incredibly functional, spaceous, and comfortable to work in. There are no "manager" rooms. There are whiteboards and wallboards everywhere, and multiple spaces for different kinds of meetings. Pictures below! Looking closely, you would also see rather peculiar items in the office: Like this old restaurant-style chair... And of course, our infamous "orange chair." These "artifacts" belonged to the very first Storm office - the one-bedroom condo where I lived.  The bedroom became my house - everything else was transformed into the office. (how I wish my … [Read more...]