Careers in Our Startup Community

storm offices Below are the startup career opportunities in the JUAN GREAT LEAP (JGL)’s Startup Community, updated as of  December 1, 2014.

If you are interested in any of these, please  shoot me an email at, along with a resume or Linkedin profile.

All these jobs are STARTUP jobs, so expect the following from all of them: a) the job description is fluid: the job WILL change as the startup changes (this is a GOOD thing!) b) you will have a lot of freedom to create and leave your mark c) there is always a possibility for earning shares, d) things are pretty exciting, e) being part of the our network opens up all sorts of possibilities as far as career and learning are concerned.

I’ll be segregating this by company.

For all the firms, one can expect an entrepreneurial culture that’s collegial, innovation-driven, customer-focused, flat, and fun! (seriously, we have an AWESOME culture – go ask anyone who works for us)

Here. We. Go.


2014 is proving to be an absolute landmark year for STORM. We have expanded to Cebu. We’re currently expanding to one Southeast Asian neighbor.  This is pretty exciting news for us – and pretty exciting for the people whom we will hire. One thing to remember with our structure, while the “juniors” report to the “seniors,” we believe that great ideas and insight can come from ANY PERSON in the company. Expect meetings and processes where everyone is a peer and anyone can jump in to contribute. Here’s a list of the positions we need (in no order):

A) Marketing and Sales (Manila) 

We need a couple of junior marketing/sales executives (1-2 years experience in a related field) who can help push the business. We need people who can communicate value well, sell, and maintain good relationships with people in our industry.

B) PHP Programmers – (We need like, 10 more…)

We would be needing a team of junior PHP programmers with around 1-2 years of programming experience using PHP.  Experience in e-commerce and payment gateways a big plus. We need people who can build things and be part of a team.

C) Quality Assurance Head – HIRED 

In STORM, we test a lot of things – our software, the items on the store, the reports we submit to our constituents, and so much more. We would need a QA Manager who has at least 1-2 years experience in software testing from a reputable firm. There will be 2 people who will report to the person hired.

D) Human Resources Head – Urgently Needed

I’m obviously biased, but I keep telling the candidates I talk to for this post: this is probably the best HR Manager job out there. Why? 1) the business is growing fast and its terribly exciting to be able to build stuff, 2) we are a company whose biggest HR mandate is to develop the culture – we are pretty serious about culture development and put our money where our mouths are 3) the hired person will be immediately part of our execom, and is immediately treated as a strategic partner, 4) the firm is an HR services firm – operationally, the candidate can offer so much more strategic value since she will KNOW the business, 5) the CEO is also an HR practitioner.

E) Cebu – Marketing and Sales Head

We would need two marketing and sales officers for our Cebu operations. Same job description as the Manila position above. Should be based in Cebu. A clear competency requirement here is independence.

F) B2B Business Development Head 

Currently, I am concurrently manning this post – but we do need someone to inherit this from me. The successful candidate will be in charge of procuring more companies – a greater user base – for our benefits marketplace. This involves high-level negotiations, creative lead generation, networking, and sheer selling. We need someone who communicates extremely well, can convey value, and can represent the firm well. We need someone entrepreneurial. We looking for someone with at least 5-7 years in brand, marketing, or sales. Experience selling an HR product a plus.

G) Benefits Experts

This isn’t your ordinary customer service representative – our Benefits Experts form the backbone of STORM’s service: the enjoy a great degree of freedom – allowing them to really solve problems for clients and not merely give out scripts (our policy – no scripts). Problems solvers who enjoy helping people will find a lot to like about this post. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply here!

H) Entrepreneurs

STORM is in the business of radically improving the way companies manage and deliver benefits.  In leaning onto this problem, we have uncovered key strategic areas which need the expertise of entrepreneurs. These opportunities are lucrative – there are 2-3 which are potentially billion-peso markets.

We need people who have gone through the process of starting up a business, with a particular emphasis on B2B. We need people who can sell, can build technology platforms, and innovate. Equity AND commensurate salary being dangled.

II. STRATA  Strata and its new GM have been very busy lately, landing large-scale organization-shaping contracts from multiple large organizations in both government and corporate. The firm is currently composed of only a few individuals, and is in urgent need of the following:

A)Business Unit Head for Corporate

Strata needs an HR/OD consultant who can also help further push the business with corporations and businesses. We need someone with approximately 5-7 years doing either HR or OD, and has to be very comfortable selling and doing business development deals.

B) Junior HR Consultant

We need someone to help us implement our HR solutions to our target companies.Will be involved in: high level account management, project management, data-gathering, systems design, and systems administration. We need someone who won’t be afraid to discuss and negotiate with high-ranking executives. 1-2 years HR experience, preferably in OD or learning/training.

C) PHP Programmers

Strata is a tech-enabled startup, and as such, we would be needing a team of junior PHP programmers with around 1-2 years of programming experience using PHP.  Experience in building large corporate systems is a big plus, more if its an HR system.

III. JUAN GREAT LEAP Currently the only one “employed” fulltime by Juan Great Leap is me. I need a junior contributor who can help me develop all facets of the concept.

Junior Entrepreneur

I need someone who is reliable, has a lot of energy, a good writer, has supreme communication skills, is organized, entrepreneurial, and someone who is very very interested in startups. With that skill set, you probably command a high salary – and I am telling you now, this firm probably won’t be able to match what a corporation can give you.  But I am also telling you now: if you are interested in startups, there is no other job opening that will give you as much learning as this one.

Being exposed to the deal flow (seeing and being involved in the formation of new startup concepts) alone is priceless.

IV. HR Entrepreneurs

We will always have room in our group for HR people in any level who have an entrepreneurial streak. If you’ve got the bug, do reach out to us!

Tired of the corporate grind? Send me an email ASAP! Let’s build something!  


  1. Hi. My name is Jiinky Tallod. I’m interested in the EXecutive Search Consultant post. Who do I talk to about it? Thanks:)

  2. Hi Peter, lets talk everything you have posted, i am in for that, here is my cp 09216606970, thank you.

  3. Good evening Sir. Hope my email (re: junior entrepreneur post) went through. Thanks!

  4. Cynthia Castro says:

    Wow! finally I found something that would help me achieve a long overdue dream and help me stop being a corporate slave. I will send you a complete detail as to my existing status….in my private email. Hope to get a response from you. Thanks and Have a nice DAY!!!

  5. Junee Sibangan says:

    Hi, I’m interested in joining your growing family. As I’d like to do so, may I know how I can send my updated curriculum vitae?

  6. Peter, I really like your blog but seeing the word Entrepreneur as a job title seems inappropriate.

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