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I started my career as a High School English teacher. I really loved that job. 

However, in yearning to make more money for myself and my family, I jumped into the corporate world, entering the function which I thought was closest to teaching – Human Resources. 

I then started a ten-year career in Human Resources, in doing so finishing a Master’s Degree in Psychology, majoring in Industrial Psychology. 

During the 8th year of my HR Career, I started an HR Technology firm, STORM Consulting in my living room with my cofounder Paolo. 

2 years after that, I took the crucial plunge  from corporate and went full-time in STORM, which grew to profitability through bootstrapping. 

In 2013, we underwent a massive pivot, dropped our 9 other products to focus on one – flexible benefits line. We created a new firm, Storm Technologies.

In 2015, we raised $4.3M to scale STORM, which is now the largest flexible benefits company in SEA. Storm has won several startup awards – we won the Philippine leg of the Startup World Cup and represented the Philippines in the global finals in Silicon Valley in 2018. We also won the 2018 Philippine e27 top 100 startup qualifier, which earned us the right rep the country again in the finals in Singapore. We also recently got into the Asian finals of MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Challenge. 

I am also the cofounder of education startup STORM Learning, and AllCare, a benefits platform built for freelancers. I have also founded 7 other startups which have painfully failed and have since folded up. 

I serve as mentor to a few startups, and I was privileged to have been one of the first 3 Filipinos invited to be a mentor in Google’s Launchpad program in San Francisco. I also was very honored to have been accepted as the 14th local entrepreneur in Endeavor, a global network of high impact entrepreneurs. 

In retrospect, I think I found my calling during in my very first job as a teacher. I teach thru my writing here in Juan Great Leap, and by giving talks – Ive been asked to give talks in corporate rallies and training on topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, intra-preneurship, human resources, building teams, and taking leaps. 

I am an unabashed follower of Christ. We have tried our best to shape STORM as a Christ-centered firm. I also serve in our community, Living Hope, as a longtime worship leader and head of the couples ministry. I serve in my parish as an EMHC. 

Our family is scaling just as fast as STORM – with my wife Pauline we are rearing six kids, who bring me such joy (and chaos) in my life. 

9 thoughts on “About Peter

  • You are correct. We need more entrepreneurs, not employees trying to ascend the ladder of corporate success in a dog-eat-dog atmosphere. Learn from the Chinese in our midst, who always want to put up their own business rather than get employed and wait for retirement funds from the SS or GSIS.

  • I’m glad a blog like this exists. I just found out about your blog through a google search on “philippine startup blogs”. I’m excited to read your blog posts. I am an entrepreneur as well (though just a newbie).

  • I’m glad a blog like this exists. I just found out about your blog through a google search on “philippine startup blogs”. I am an entrepreneur as well (though just a newbie). I’m excited to read your blog posts.

  • Hi, This is a nice blog and an inspiration. I’m currently based in Canada but I want to join or collaborate with someone based in PH for possible startup oppurtunity. Do you know someone with the same interest?

  • ok, after reading this. I’m more excited for Monday! It will be a pleasure working for you Peter!

  • hello! I am deeply affected by your post as I am one of those newly graduates who have the generic plan (join a good company, earn masterals and then climb the corporate ladder more, and perhaps open my own business after I have more savings) but after attending seminars, reading and searching for people who made it early on by building their own start-up, I was really inspired to take that final leap. Right now I am on my path in starting my own start-up. Any advice on where to start?

    • Pick your partner well – complementary talent and shared values. 2. Go after a real PROBLEM you are familiar with. 3. Zig, when everyone else is zagging 4. Network with great mentors who have done it before.

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