Startups Unplugged: Entrepreneurs’ Profiles

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They’re approaching fast…ready to meet with YOU! The super awesome line-up of Startup Founders is prepared to get up, close, and personal with you at Startups Unplugged. They’ve provided some information about who they are, so that YOU can get to know them on a personal level.

Check out your beloved entrepreneurs profiles, which includes their personal interests and favorite quotes.  Remember who the founders are as individuals, so that YOU can relate to them on different levels for the benefit of every Juan.

The unplugged conversations begin at 2pm this Saturday, March 2, at UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub. We’ll see you there, friends!


Startups Unplugged Speakers

Entrepreneurs’ Profiles


Luis Buenaventura   

Industry: Technical (E-commerce), HACK2HATCH

Luis is one of the most renowned young IT entrepreneurs in the country. He co-founded and successfully sold his third startup, the social software firm SyndeoLabs, to Global Gateway Innovation Exchange in 2008. Two years after, he co-founded his current startup,, which aims to disrupt the web-site building arena by providing simple online web creation tools at affordable prices. He’s also the local chair of the tech entrepreneurship bootcamp series, Hack2HATCH.

Armchair economics, Film criticism, Indie rock

Favorite Quote: 
”The perfect project plan is possible if one first documents a list of all the unknowns.”
- Bill Langley


Katipunan Craft

Raffy Taruc, Kiyo Miura, Miguel Buling & Brett Lim

Industry: Retail (Beverages)
Katipunan Craft Ales

Raffy, Kiyo, Miguel and Brett are the beer geeks behind Katipunan Craft Ales. Having met as classmates in high school, they went on to follow divergent business careers here and abroad. Their common love for great beer and long-standing interest in entrepreneurship brought them back together to create a proudly Filipino craft brewery. What began as kitchen experiments in Raffy’s apartment late 2011 developed into continuous brewing and tasting sessions among friends, and went on to produce the Indio Pale Ale – their flagship ale now available in various retailers in Metro Manila.

Interests: Beer, Comedy, Sports, Headwear

Favorite Quote: “I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later.” – Mitch Hedberg



Maoi Arroyo

Maoi Arroyo

Industry: Biotech, Consulting
Hybridigm Consulting

Hailed by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 35 entrepreneurs under 35, a 2011 TOYM awardee, and a 2013 DevEx Chevron 40 under 40 International Development Leader; Maoi Arroyo is the CEO and founder of Hybridigm Consulting, the first biotechnology consulting firm in the Philippines, and an adjunct professor at the Asian Institute of Management. In the last eight years it has served 20 clients, developed policy for the Philippine government, facilitated over $3.5M in biotech investments, and trained over 15,000 aspiring entrepreneurs. Hybridigm is now raising seed capital for 4 startups and series A funding for 3 companies.

Interests: Life Sciences, Innovation, High impact entrepreneurship, Strategy/Simulation/RPG gaming

Favorite Quote: “Make a difference by being the difference”


Estelle Osorio 2

Estelle Osorio

Industry: Training and Education
BizWhiz Business and Training Consultancy

Estelle is a bright, young, up and coming entrepreneur who started her firm with only a small amount of capital in 2010. Her company, Bizwhiz, co-founded with partner Ryan, provides seminars on financial literacy ranging from topics such as the stock market, forex trading, and bonds. Some of Estelle’s clients include HP, HSBC, IBM, Ford, Deutsche Bank, and the US Embassy employees cooperative. 

Interests: Personal Finance, Public Speaking, Teaching/Training, Event Organizing

Favorite Quote: “Burn the ships.”


Danella Yaptinchay

Danella Yaptinchay

Industry: Business Services, Publishing
Co-lab; Full Suite; Homegrown Media Inc. (

Danella Yujuico Yaptinchay has a background in hospitality, advertising sales, and journalism. Previously a globetrotter, she landed back in the Philippines a few years ago and has found her niche in the entrepreneurial scene here. She is involved with three ventures that support the startup industry in the Philippines: Full Suite, a services company providing backend support to small businesses; co.lab, a coworking space, and Homegrown Media, which publishes the online magazine

Interests: In constant pursuit of balance and self-development, she tries to apply the practices of (Ashtanga) yoga to her daily life.

Favorite quote: “It is what it is.” 


Social Enterprise

Mark Ruiz Profile Pic

Mark Ruiz

Industry: Microfinance
Microventures Inc. (Hapinoy), Rags 2 Riches Inc.

Mark Ruiz is a household name in social enterprise. Aside from his multiple awards and global recognition, Mark is a down-to-earth guy. He’s just fueling social change on a massive level. Microventures Inc. leverages micro financing as a powerful tool to empower socially and economically challenged families. In 2007, MicroVentures Incorporated launched the Hapinoy Store Program with microfinance borrowers in mind. Hapinoy has improved the business of 180 Hapinoy Community stores with an extended reach of 8,000 to 10,000 stores.

Interests: Social Change, Microfinance, Tech, Soul

Favorite Quote: “Think new Thoughts. Share Big Dreams. Do Brave Things”



Noreen Bautista

Noreen Bautista

Industry: Retail (Fashion)
EcoIngenuity Inc. (Jacinto & Lirio),

Noreen is a young social entrepreneur that is showing young people that big ideas do happen. Jacinto & Lirio is a brand that showcases the Filipino innovation of plant leather, like the water hyacinth, into fashionable and functional statement bags and accessories through sustainable means. The idea of Jacinto & Lirio actually started out as a college project, and is now a versatile eco-friendly brand found in retail outlets such as Fullybooked, Powerbooks, and National Bookstore.

Interests: Social Change, Entrepreneurship, Countryside Development, Arts & Culture

Favorite Quote: “If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.”-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Justin Garrido Profile Pic

Justin Garrido

Industry: Crowdfunding
Social Project.PH

Justin is the co-founder of Social Project.PH, a crowdfunding website for social projects in the Philippines as a means to address poverty and other social and environmental challenges in the country.  Justin moved to the Philippines after completing his MBA from Melbourne Business School and the Asian Institute of Management so he could pursue his passion for social entrepreneurship.  Prior to his MBA he worked several years as a director with Aldi Foods in the U.S.A.

Interests: Social Change, Outdoors, Food, Travelling, Different Cultures

Favorite Quote: “Be where you are; otherwise you will miss you life.” -Buddha


Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

Industry: Fashion

Reese is putting the Philippines on the map with a big heart for community artisans and fashion chic. From Elle France to Time Magazine, Rags2Riches is creating buzzworthy waves in countries oceans apart. Rags2Riches is a Social Business Enterprise creating designer lifestyle masterpieces that embody Eco-Ethical Style. As Rags2Riches founder-partner and current CEO, Reese was one of five inaugural Rolex Young Laureates by the Rolex Foundation in Switzerland for recognition of her work. 

Interests: Sustainable fashion and design; clean white spaces with splashes of color and texture; beautiful and inspiring stories; world-changing ideas

Favorite Quote: “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and laughs without fear of the future” – Proverbs 31:25


Mike Go

Mike Go

Industry: Retail (Apparel)
Bagong Payatas Community Ventures Inc. (TRESE)

Mike Go is a passionate advocate of Gawad Kalinga and is committed to growing social enterprises to sustain the mission . He is the founder of Trese, a silkscreen printing and sewing enterprise based in GK Blue Eagle Village in Payatas 13. Since its registration in 2011, Trese has produced over 100,000+ items while engaging out-of-school-youth, nanays, and other community members in Payatas 13. He also currently serves as the Social Enterprise Development Head of Human Nature where he empowers farming communities and other social enterprises to be integrated in their supply chain. Mike firmly believes the Why and the for Whom is important in sustaining the How in social change, as he maintains a very close relationship with the communities that he works with.

Interests: SPORTS! Grassroots Development, Organic Movement (agriculture)

Quote: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” – from Friday Night Lights


Anna Meloto Wilk

Anna Meloto-Wilk

Industry: Natural Personal Care
Human Nature

Anna “Ate Anna,” to many, is the game-changer of the Millennial generation. She is co-founder and President of Human Nature, a homegrown natural personal care line that is innovating the idea of good business sense. With nearly 200 employees, just 4 years after its conception, 1/3 of Human Nature’s employees are Gawad Kalinga beneficiaries. In addition, Human Nature pays its warehouse employees almost double the minimum wage. In 2012, Ate Anna was a recipient of the Schwab Foundation- Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Interests: Parenting, Books, Hikes, Banca rides, Philippines, Nation Building

Favorite Quote: “Great things only come with great sacrifices”



Odell Ramirez

Industry: Technology
Babypips, Looloo

Odell recently founded a startup called looloo. looloo is an iOS app that helps Filipinos discover places in the Philippines. Launched just last November, looloo is now one of the most popular ways to look for local places to eat, drink, and relax. Odell also co-founded, a website and an online community for people interested in trading the currency market. It’s grown to be one of the top forex websites in the world. He’s also both teams’ official Ebonics teacher… yo.

Favorite Quote: “For every mistake that you learn from, you will save thousands of similar mistakes in the future, so if you treat mistakes as learning opportunities that yield rapid improvements, you should be excited by them. But if you treat them as bad things, you will make yourself and others miserable, and you won’t grow.” –Ray Dalio

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