There’s no reason why YOU can’t build the next Twitmusic!

Great news here for our burgeoning startup community!

Our country is widely regarded as a producer of some of the best professionals in the world. Certainly some of the most enterprising and innovative. Developing impactful startups should be second nature to us.

Twitmusic should be the tip of the iceberg – but it’s up to us.

C’mon people! I’m calling YOU out.

You with that brilliant idea that’s been cooking for a while now.

You with those marvelous execution skills which are wasted in the bowels of a 2000-man corporation.

You with that passion burning that’s been so afraid to get out of the comfort zone.


STOP wasting time.

Start something.

(You don’t know exactly where to start? Send me an email at, let’s have coffee…)

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