The Freelancer and the Escape Artist

When you visit a Starbucks at around 3pm, it can feel a bit odd. It's quiet.  At around 3pm, gone are the after-lunch coffee aficionados. The people wishing to chill out a bit after work aren't there yet either, that rush happens at around 530pm. In these times, you can observe TWO sets of people in their…

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The Upside of the Midlife Crisis

“Seriously, Peter, I will take a massive paycut right now for the opportunity to get to do work that is meaningful” “I’ve been dragging myself to work for years. I feel hopeless and trapped” The other week I was having lunch with yet another person sharing with me his dissatisfaction with work. And it’s not just your…


To Dream is Human, After All

Most of us have two lives, the one we live and the unlived life within us. — Steven Pressfield I had the skeleton ready for a more technical post on startup growth. I was going to spend some time this weekend giving it more flesh. Then I saw La La Land late Saturday night. It’s THE perfect movie for…


Been Awhile, JGL

After 8 months, I had all sorts of ideas on what my "first" post will be like. Some long, drawn out 5-parter on what I've learned all this time, perhaps? Some Michael Jordan "I'm back" one-liner? I was even mulling just hammering out a regular post and pretend the 8-month gap never happened. I had all sorts…

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