Join the Super-Engaged JGL FB Group!

 After the first Juan Great Leap (JGL) get-together last March, I decided to create a Facebook group (separate from the JGL page) for the growing community to get to know one another better, have a venue to exchange ideas and concepts, and simply to better help one another.

There were around 30 initial people in the group. I asked the group if they wanted to open up membership to everyone. It was collectively decided that the criteria for accepting members would be either: a) registration to a Juan Great Leap event, or b) subscription to the blog.

After the second Ayala-sponsored event a month ago, membership swelled to around 130.

Its become a pretty engaged group, with people tossing and sharing ideas very freely.

Since the Ayala event, there have been around 4-5 meetings between people who were passionate with the same startup concept. Some startups are being conceptualized/built as we speak.

It’s really awesomely exciting!

Be part of the discussion (and don’t be just a lurker)! There are some really helpful people in the group who can give you great insight about your startup (for free).

And no, again, I won’t spam you with a thousand emails or sell your address if you subscribe. I would never do that. What you’ll receive is the weekly newsletter from me talking about the posts here and some updates. That’s it. 

Join the group here! (and subscribe first)

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