INFOGRAPHIC: Top Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

These guys are a HUGE reason why putting up a startup has become cheaper and much more efficient.

I actually currently use ALL the tools from 1-10.

Wow, Google has been helping us a lot eh? So many Google tools here.

I’ll be checking out the trending tools as well – some look quite useful.

Got some online tools you’re finding awesome? Do share it below!


  1. I use WaveAccounting for my invoicing needs

    Currently testing out for collaborative management

  2. I love Dropbox, Basecamp, and Joomla but I prefer using Time Doctor over Freshbooks. These are the software I used since I started my freelancing career. Actually, there are more popular tools that most freelancers in Asia are using and you can find them here.

  3. As a online freelancer, I can say that really this is very important post for me.

  4. Awesome post!

  5. I guess it depends a lot on project management experience. A lot of people these days have projects to manage yet not much experience in how to approach it. The end result is that the lower end task managers get put into the same category as project management software. PM software should at a minimum allow the management of budgets, scope, teams and the planning of multiple projects. In that respect I recommend

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