Juan Great Saturday at The Briggy!

The second Juan Great Meet was held in Briggy last Saturday, and we had a blast!

Glenn Santos of Memokitchen started things off with his “news roundtable” portion. Glenn talked about the different events happening in the local startup scene, including news from accelerators like Launchgarage and Ideaspace, startup sites like Represent.ph and homegrown.ph, and other interesting events like Wordcamp.

Then, we held the main activity for the session – the Open Floor. This is where each person can get a 90-second chance to pitch or ask the group anything startup-related.

The result was another thought-provoking session highlighted by passionate, insightful discussions on: founder dynamics, hiring and firing, thoughts on 5-6 startup pitches, collaboration ideas, startup war stories, and many more.

It was another awesome Meet! Thanks to everyone who went (especially those who came from the provinces)! Thanks also to Ivanna Aguiling of The Briggy (an interesting startup which is basically a platform for food kiosks) for the great food (yummy taho ice cream!) and great place!

Seeya at the next Meet, happening in around a month!

Glenn Santos of Memokitchen sharing startup news to start the session off
Kevin De La Cruz and Ciara Juan talk about startups and fusion opportunities
Ari Bancale of TAP talks about founder team dynamics. With Joey Gurango of Gurango Software and Gian Javelona of Orange Apps
David Elefant of Kalibrr and ERP whiz Orvin Hilomen
Group pic!

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