The Dangers of Reverse Momentum

I haven’t written in around 2 weeks.

Last week, I had an excuse – I was bedridden for much of the time. This week though, I could’ve hammered out some posts earlier, but I just inexplicably refused to do so – it was like I was allergic to the keyboard all of a sudden.

Since I hadn’t written in a long time, it was sort of easier to keep not writing – and it seemed like such a chore to start.

It was reverse momentum! The more I didn’t move, the more I didn’t want to move.

I realize there were so many other aspects in my life that I’ve felt this way about: going back to the gym after stopping for a while, finishing a book I had started, getting back into daily prayer, eating the right food again, sleeping early again, and so on. Sloth does one other deadly thing: it begets even more sloth.

Perhaps there’s an item RIGHT NOW that you KNOW you need to be doing, but can’t seem to muster the effort to do so because its been such a long time.

Some of the good habits we’ve developed WILL end up getting challenged by reverse momentum at some point. If we give in, there’s a danger we lose the virtue entirely. We need to be stronger.

The important thing is to take a deep breath, embrace the resolve that you’re NOT going to let it win, and just do it.

Peter Cauton

Entrepreneur, writer, speaker, startup advocate, HR guy. Husband, father of 6, teacher, unabashed follower of Christ.

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  1. I have Nike’s Advertisement (I think) as my wallpaper to keep me motivated.

    “Just do it!”

  2. Mine is simply CONSISTENCY. Such an encompassing word noh? In my case it’s consistency in everything I do … whew!

    1. The trick I think Tet is fighting for it – awfully hard to be consistent in the right things.

      (and unfortunately, its also so easy to be consistent with the wrong things)

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