How many times have you been called CRAZY?

How many times have you been called crazy? How many times has someone told you that you couldn’t do something? How many times have you had a good idea and let it disappear into nothing? How many times have you despaired? How many times?


I’ve been called crazy for thinking I can change the Philippines, so many times.

I’ve been told that it’d be impossible to start a business at my age, so many times. I’ve let ideas disappear, so many times. I’ve despaired too many times. So many times… and yet I’m here.

Yes I am here, and so many times people have asked me,

“Why are you here?”

What I want to tell them is:

“I am here because I choose and want to be here. I see a brighter future for me in the Philippines. I love the Philippines. I am Filipino and I know God made me Filipino for a reason.”

Ask me how many times I’ve actually articulated this.

Why can’t I say it more times?

It’s a lot to live up to and I see myself as no one to speak in those terms.

But how does a person define one as a nobody? Dapat bang maging sikat before one is recognized for existing? Are one’s thoughts, values, and actions worth more if you are more popular?

Why not be crazy, if you have a persistent itch…be unreasonable, if you have a clear vision..be stellar, if you’re gifted?

No matter what they think of you, why not just be your best self?

Giving it your all is how you’ll see the path that’s truly made for you.

Photo Credits: Tony Wijaya Model: Charis Yue
Photo Credits: Tony Wijaya
Model: Charis Yue


Do you feel me?

The truth is, no matter how many times I fail to articulate with conviction, I know what I want. I want to be a successful entrepreneur, and in my own way, help build the Philippines and its people to new heights.

I’m still finding the exact steps as I work towards my end goal, but the opportunities are endless, I am telling you. The more I am exposed to, the more my horizons are stretched, and the more I see that impossible IS nothing.

It’s just a matter of believing and seeing the light in a bright and beautiful Philippines.

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