The Unlikely Journey of Our Newly-Minted COO

We’ve all been through those moments in life when everything seems to be falling apart. That was where Kellda was when I first met her two years ago. You wouldn’t know it through my interview process with her. A former Unilever achiever and fastfood startup founder, she was introduced by a mutual entrepreneur friend. She was in-between jobs. Kellda dazzled us in the recruitment process with her intelligence, strong will and demeanor. Even if she had no prior exposure to tech, she was obviously eager to learn more about our industry. I wanted to woo her into joining our company as one of our product heads. Soon, I gave her an offer. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She had bigger brands … [Read more...]

How many times have you been called CRAZY?

How many times have you been called crazy? How many times has someone told you that you couldn’t do something? How many times have you had a good idea and let it disappear into nothing? How many times have you despaired? How many times? I’ve been called crazy for thinking I can change the Philippines, so many times. I’ve been told that it’d be impossible to start a business at my age, so many times. I’ve let ideas disappear, so many times. I’ve despaired too many times. So many times… and yet I’m here. Yes I am here, and so many times people have asked me, “Why are you here?” What I want to tell them is: “I am here because I choose and want to be here. I see a brighter future … [Read more...]