A Merry Christmas Never Comes too Late

Christmas can be a very busy time of the year, especially here in the Philippines. In the Philippines, Christmas is not just a one day celebration, but rather a series of celebrations that starts weeks and sometimes months in advance. Here, Christmas is a marathon of celebrations.

I attended my first Christmas party at the end of November and started exchanging presents at the beginning of this month. It’s been non-stop since then. Just thinking about all the Christmas parties I’ve attended makes me exhausted.

As I stop to think about how my Christmas has been spent, and is being spent, I’m starting to realize that I’ve been very selfish this Christmas. I’ve received so much, but given very little.

I’ve been blessed with so much. Blessed in coming here to the Philippines. Blessed with technology that enables me to connect with loved ones back home (though I haven’t taken the time to effectively use it, but thank you Lord for the time difference!)  Blessed in celebrating Christmas with so many: friends, relatives, officemates, street kids, passionate entrepreneurs, and just plain good and wonderful people! Blessed with good work, health, food, and shelter! It all so beautiful!

Christmas is a beautiful time! Time to rejoice, be glad, receive and accept all the gifts that God has given! Emmanuel!

It’s never too late to have a Merry Christmas!

Lets live one everyday! MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂

Photo Credits: Kristin A. Militante
Photo Credits: Kristin A. Militante

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