Universities Represent!

student entrep conference

Universities Represent! (from L – R) Christian Go (ADMU), Albert Mercado (MAPUA), James Fernando (DLSU), me, Angeli Recella (DLSU), Red Bermejo (ADMU), Quina Baterna (ADMU), Luis Gan (UP)

I had an absolute blast early today with 6 awesome student leaders (sorry Angeli, you don’t count anymore) talk about ideas on how to propagate the startup movement in campuses.

Basically, the group introduced themselves to one another, ate doughnuts, and then the awesome brainstorming happened.

There is one big plan the group is concocting (to be revealed soon). The next step is to get more universities represented in the next meeting, when more concrete details, will be decided on.

The next meeting will be next Thursday (May 23) at 3:00pm (venue still to be decided on). If you are an entrepreneurial student who wants to help out in spreading the startup movement in your school, do send me a message at peter@juangreatleap.com to get a reservation for this next meeting, along with an explanation as to why one of the seats needs to have your name on it!

Take the leap! Represent!


  1. Ang bilis nito ah :))

  2. looking forward to working with all of you 🙂


  1. […] as I am both booked for several seminars on stock exchange and work on this new project with Juan Great Leap. I look forward to working with these new people and learning as much as I can with them.  I have […]

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