Ah! Open Coffee! (October Edition Postscript)

October open coffee

I have to admit, I was worried about the 2-month absence of Open Coffee.

Would we lose momentum? 

Would people still go? 

Will the pitches be just as good? 

It turns out, my fears were unfounded.

I thought October Open Coffee was super!

For starters, after the 2 months, it was great to see the holdovers / familiar faces (around 20 or so, you know who you are) who keep on coming back. You practically feel like family.

Next, I thought, we just had the MOST DIVERSE SET OF PITCHES we’ve ever had. And if you’ve been to Open Coffee before and heard the pitches, you’d know this is saying a lot.

Let’s see….

We had an OFW-children’s support group, a fashion data aggregator, kite-camera artwork (my pick for pitch of the night!), a pitch for Trade School Manila, a government headhunting firm, an observation-based research firm, an inventor pitching wearable air filters, an artwork preservation concept, and many, many more.

The ideas – and the awesome, awesome group feedback that was generated to help them out – are SO much better than how the words above describe them.

You HAVE to have been there. The energy was uncontainable.

Then of course, in something that we should have done from the very first open coffee, around 20 or so of us had awesome lunch after at J-Jay’s Inasal. It was a blast, and we stayed chatting until mid-afternoon.

Lunch was F-U-N!
Lunch was F-U-N!

More pics below! You have to join us next time!

cam basa

I should have been in this picture!
I should have been in this picture!
jovitt trinidad holding court
Our coffee sponsor: audacious pinoy retail startup MASKAPE! (pretty good coffee)
Our coffee sponsor: audacious pinoy retail startup MASKAPE! (pretty good coffee) Thanks NATHANIEL GO and MASKAPE for the LOADS of coffee we got!
Fun after the formal pitches!
Fun after the formal pitches!
Group pic! SMILE!
Group pic! SMILE!

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  1. Grats to JGL and Peter!!! I have a few recruits for November.

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