Been Awhile, JGL


After 8 months, I had all sorts of ideas on what my “first” post will be like.

Some long, drawn out 5-parter on what I’ve learned all this time, perhaps?

Some Michael Jordan “I’m back” one-liner?

I was even mulling just hammering out a regular post and pretend the 8-month gap never happened.

I had all sorts of ideas.

Of course it came down to me just opening good old WordPress and suddenly just typing.

And here it is.

When Peter?

I would get asked around a lot “when are you writing again?” or “when is the next open coffee?”

And I would just smile and apologize.

I did have the perfect excuse.

It has been a busy year. STORM went through a huge fundraiser. We started operations in Indonesia (which was just surreal). We are scaling fast, and facing all the problems which came with it. Moreover, I now had more children to spend time with and take care of.

I never got around to giving this as an excuse though, because it was simply not true. I actually wanted to share so much of what I was experiencing.

Truth is, I just never got around to writing. Reverse-momentum all over again. (here and here!)

So, what the heck…

So here’s a post just to break this 8-month gap. Boom. In your face reverse-momentum!

Some small consolation – I went through a TON these past months and learned SO much. At the very least, I think I’ve got a whole lot of writing just bursting out of me.

Thank you for your patience and your support – especially those who have encouraged me to continue. Those truly mean the world for us writers.



I’m back.

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