Been Awhile, JGL


After 8 months, I had all sorts of ideas on what my “first” post will be like.

Some long, drawn out 5-parter on what I’ve learned all this time, perhaps?

Some Michael Jordan “I’m back” one-liner?

I was even mulling just hammering out a regular post and pretend the 8-month gap never happened.

I had all sorts of ideas.

Of course it came down to me just opening good old WordPress and suddenly just typing.

And here it is.

When Peter?

I would get asked around a lot “when are you writing again?” or “when is the next open coffee?”

And I would just smile and apologize.

I did have the perfect excuse.

It has been a busy year. STORM went through a huge fundraiser. We started operations in Indonesia (which was just surreal). We are scaling fast, and facing all the problems which came with it. Moreover, I now had more children to spend time with and take care of.

I never got around to giving this as an excuse though, because it was simply not true. I actually wanted to share so much of what I was experiencing.

Truth is, I just never got around to writing. Reverse-momentum all over again. (here and here!)

So, what the heck…

So here’s a post just to break this 8-month gap. Boom. In your face reverse-momentum!

Some small consolation – I went through a TON these past months and learned SO much. At the very least, I think I’ve got a whole lot of writing just bursting out of me.

Thank you for your patience and your support – especially those who have encouraged me to continue. Those truly mean the world for us writers.



I’m back.

Peter Cauton

Entrepreneur, writer, speaker, startup advocate, HR guy. Husband, father of 6, teacher, unabashed follower of Christ.

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    1. hahaha, hopefully it sticks 🙂 you dropping by soon?

  1. Me stumbling into your blog for the first time, the day you got back from hiatus? My happy coincidence? Then again there are no coincidences to them that love God. ^^ Welcome back!

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