I was never, ever a fan of non-fiction literature. I figured, reading a book “to learn” was akin to reading a college textbook for entertainment.

Then I put up a startup. I then started consuming books like crazy. The difference? Application. I coud directly apply what were in the books to my startup.

So I read. Voraciously. I now read 1-2 non-fiction books a week, which is far cry from how it used to be.

When we transferred houses from one which was a stone’s throw from the office to another an hour and a half away, I discovered the world of audio books and podcasts.

Learning to read has been such an essential aspect of my being an entrepreneur. Reading has expanded my horizons. It’s my equivalent of startup school. It’s fun, too.

Below is a list of startup-related books, audio books, podcasts, and websites which I’ve found useful over the years. I’ve included a handful of entries first, but I will update this page as frequently as I can and populate as you go along.


1) Reality Check

2) Rework

3) Linchpin

4) Lean Startup


1) The Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series

Almost all the entries here are good, but here are some of the best ones I’ve listened to:

A) Unlearn Your MBA

B) Honest  Advice in Starting a Company

C) A Devotion to New Ideas

2) Thisweekin Startups

3) Mixergy

Happy reading / listening!

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