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Below are startup career opportunities in the JUAN GREAT LEAP (JGL) startup network. If you are interested in any of these, please  shoot me an email at, along with a resume or linkedin link.

All the jobs are STARTUP jobs, so expect the following from all of them: a) the job description is fluid: the job WILL change as the startup changes b) you will have a lot of freedom to create and leave your mark c) there is always a possibility for earning shares, d) things are pretty exciting, e) being part of the JGL Startup Network opens up all sorts of possibilities as far as career and learning are concerned. f) the job title is merely a placeholder – you can call yourself what you want (like, Ambassador of Buzz, Master Chief, Super VP, etc…),  I just used the term “head” as a catch-all.

Here we go!

A)Business Development Head, STORM

From its “let’s make HR applications” days, STORM is now undergoing the transition to a fully-focused Flexible Benefits provider. Through flexible benefits, STORM helps companies solve this problem: How can I maximize satisfaction on a limited budget?

As business development head, the successful applicant will be helping me and Pao create strategies in creating business for the company not only locally, but also internationally. STORM now has the technology and Flexben support team capable of servicing an international clientele. More importantly, the successful applicant will be IMPLEMENTING these strategies.

STORM has been on an upward trajectory ever since its inception. We are very very excited about its prospects and we need a great, innovative business development person to put us over the top.

B) General Manager, STRATA (In Incubation)

Over the years, our team at STORM has created a wide array of different technology-based HR solutions APART from our central FLEXBEN solution.  A number of these have been making serious money. The thing is, one of the clearest things we have to do strategically in STORM is to focus, and we have decided recently to focus on FLEXIBLE BENEFITS alone.

So what about the other solutions? (some of which make money and have clients) Instead of just killing the other products, the very clear direction is to spin them off by creating ANOTHER HR firm.

We need someone here with enough HR knowledge (and interest) not merely to hold deep discussions with HR business leaders, but more importantly to convince them of ideas. We also need someone who would be interested in technology and obviously, has to be a bit of an entrepreneur. In the end, this person will hold tremendous influence over how Strata will develop and look like. We need someone who can own the startup and make it grow.

The interesting thing about this startup? It ALREADY will have a client list and a revenue stream.

Substantial equity, in the case of this position, will be available (with vesting).

C) Executive Search Consultant, Searchlight

Local executive search has basically been the same over the course of the last 20 or so years. It’s high time to disrupt it. This is the battlecry for Searchlight, and this year is proving to be a tipping point.

The business isn’t exactly rocket science – it’s finding, convincing, and placing great people in great career opportunities. (which is also why there is a challenge to standout as a firm) So those who AREN’T in search now, or even fresh graduates, are very welcome to apply.

We need a young consultant who can learn the ropes fast, and help put our strategies into place. We need someone who’s great in social media, is a workaholic, can communicate and sell, represent the company well, and loves people.

D) General Manager, Mobile Payments Firm (In Incubation)

One of the startups we are currently developing is a new take on mobile payments. It has been in incubation over the last few months, and will probably launch in the 4th quarter. We have a topnotch founding team for this, but we would be needing a General Manager. I really can’t talk about this one in detail, but I can do so in person if you signify interest in learning more. For this post, substantial vested equity will be available.

E) Junior Entrepreneur, Juan Great Leap

Juan Great Leap is slowly transforming into many things: an online advocacy, startup lab, a startup community, even a bit of a startup school. Currently the only one “employed” fulltime by Juan Great Leap is me. I need a junior contributor who can help me develop all facets of the concept.

I need someone who is reliable, has a lot of energy, a good writer, has supreme communication skills, is organized, entrepreneurial, and someone who is very very interested in startups. With that skill set, you probably command a high salary – and I am telling you now, this firm probably won’t be able to match what a corporation can give you. (largely because the labs are a long-term play) But I am also telling you now: if you are interested in startups, there is no other job opening that will give you as much learning as this one.

Being exposed to the deal flow (seeing and being involved in the formation of new startup concepts) alone is priceless.

F) Technology Head, STORM

I recently vacated the CEO role of STORM to concentrate on Juan Great Leap. (I am still VERY involved in strategy and biz dev’t, though) Pao has assumed accountability for all day to day operations as its newly-minted CEO. So now we need a new head of technology. We need someone who also develops, but can do three crucial things: a) manage the current STORM tech team b) be involved in TRUE product development (using customer info to drive iterations), and c) represent the firm well in client meetings. Equity can be in play.  We currently develop using PHP (but can be convinced to switch platforms).

Tired of the corporate grind? Send me an email ASAP!