Updated Jobs In Our Startup Community – Apply Now!!!

(I’ve recently updated the jobs link with a host of different openings from our network. The page is copied below. For any applications, do send me a note at peter@juangreatleap.com) 

Below are the startup career opportunities in the JUAN GREAT LEAP (JGL)’s Startup Community, updated as of  November 22, 2012.

If you are interested in any of these, please  shoot me an email at peter@juangreatleap.com, along with a resume or Linkedin link.

All these jobs are STARTUP jobs, so expect the following from all of them: a) the job description is fluid: the job WILL change as the startup changes b) you will have a lot of freedom to create and leave your mark c) there is always a possibility for earning shares, d) things are pretty exciting, e) being part of the JGL Startup Network opens up all sorts of possibilities as far as career and learning are concerned. f) the job title is merely a placeholder – you can call yourself what you want (like, Ambassador of Buzz, Master Chief, Super VP, etc…),

I’ll be segregating this by company. For all the firms, one can expect an entrepreneurial culture that’s collegial, innovation-driven, customer-focused, flat, and fun!

Here. We. Go.


2013 in STORM is going to be a very special year for us.

As I mentioned in this post, STORM recently got funded in preparation for a big year wherein we will try to disrupt the market even more. We have a clear strategy in mind, and we shall do our dardnest to go for the gold.

A big part of this strategy is getting the right people to help us execute.

Here’s a list of the positions we need:

A) Two (2) Senior Marketing and Sales Executives

When we say “senior” here, we are talking about people with around 5-7 years of experience in marketing, sales, or business development. We need people who not only can strategize, but can be with us in the trenches when we execute. We need 2 leaders who are very independent, driven, results-oriented, and creative. We want people who are easy to talk to and like collaboration. Power-hungry jerks not allowed.

The two people to be hired will be leading 2 different, very strategic teams for STORM. (I’m not that comfortable talking about the nature of the teams here in the blog, so we can talk about it during the interview process.)

B) Marketing and Sales Trainees

The two seniors above need support. We need a couple of junior executives (1-2 years experience) who can help the team execute. One thing to remember with our structure, while the “juniors” report to the “seniors,” we believe that great ideas and insight can come from ANY PERSON in the company. Expect meetings and processes where everyone is a peer and anyone can jump in to contribute.

C) Senior PHP Programmer

A big part of our strategy is leveraging technology. We need a senior PHP programmer (at least 3-4 years programming in PHP) who can lead our technical development team. We need someone who can technically strategize and help guide us through key decisions.  We need someone who can lead. Most of all, we need someone who could execute.

D) PHP Programmers

We would be needing a team of junior PHP programmers with around 1-2 years of programming experience using PHP.  Experience in e-commerce and payment gateways a big plus.

E) Design/UX Expert

We need someone with great design sense who can help us create beautiful, buttery sites both on web and mobile. We need someone who knows html, css, and design tools like Photoshop and Indesign. Those applying would need to bring a portfolio of previous work. Fresh grads can apply for this post.

II. STRATA (in incubation)

Strata is an upcoming startup which will focus on providing Competency-based HR Consulting and Technology. We are VERY excited with the prospects of Strata. With very very minimal marketing, it ALREADY will have a client list and a very healthy revenue stream. (It has already generated around 2.5 million in revenue in 2012)

A) Marketing and Sales Head

While HR expertise here is not a requirement, we do need someone who can learn the HR universe and negotiate effectively with HR leaders. We need someone who will help build the marketing and sales structure of Strata, and work on the bottom-line. In the end, this person will hold tremendous influence over how Strata will develop and look like. We need someone who can own the startup and make it grow. Together with the CEO and the Senior HR Consultant, this person will form the core group of the Strata team. Very exciting stuff!

III. Juan Great Leap

Juan Great Leap is slowly transforming into many things: an online advocacy, startup lab, a startup community, even a bit of a startup school. Currently the only one “employed” fulltime by Juan Great Leap is me. I need a junior contributor who can help me develop all facets of the concept.

A. Junior Entrepreneur

I need someone who is reliable, has a lot of energy, a good writer, has supreme communication skills, is organized, entrepreneurial, and someone who is very very interested in startups. With that skill set, you probably command a high salary – and I am telling you now, this firm probably won’t be able to match what a corporation can give you. (largely because the labs are a long-term play) But I am also telling you now: if you are interested in startups, there is no other job opening that will give you as much learning as this one.

Being exposed to the deal flow (seeing and being involved in the formation of new startup concepts) alone is priceless.

IV. Mobile Academy

Mobile Academy was launched September of 2012 – a school which teaches both technical and non-technical people how to program in the mobile environment. Mobile Academy is already running its third class, is already cash positive, and is brimming with potential. It is seeking to hire its very first employee.

A. Management Trainee

We need a young trainee who can come in, contribute, and most of all, learn. The trainee will be involved in all aspects of the business: curriculum development, faculty relations, administration, finance, marketing, and sales. Take it from me, being involved with everything is the absolute best way to learn, and this is what the Trainee can expect. High potential fresh grads are welcome to apply for this position.

Tired of the corporate grind? Send me an email ASAP! Let’s build something!