A Ride in the Pedicab: Thoughts on Startups and Juan

I arrived at Rockwell. Got dropped off at Estrella Street. Was going to walk to the Power Plant, but this elderly gentleman asked me if I wanted a ride on his bicycle car. I was happy to hop into the contraption, as it saved me from the walk. It was an interesting experience to ride in the bicycle car, while this pleasant fellow peddled along the street. While he was treading along, a car nearly hit us at an intersection. The man’s bicycle couldn't keep up with the flow of traffic, but he didn’t fret. He brushed the incident off his shoulders like a true boss. After the 5 min bike ride, I get out of his cart and asked him, "Kuya, anong tawag ulit sa bike mo?" He replied with a … [Read more...]

On My Unexpected August 8 Night, an Inspirational Urvan, Edward Cullen, and Startups for Juan

I thought I'd be spending tonight hosting, chatting with entrepreneurs, and eating pizza at the Ayala-sponsored Juan Great Leap event at the UP Technohub. Instead, I found myself volunteering to help feed people in makeshift centers near Marikina River with some of my friends from my community. As you would expect, the conditions were brutal. The first site we went to was a converted Church. The pews were arranged in squares, where each family would stay - a good number of them with their dogs. As a father of young children, my heart immediately went out to the small children and babies. We then went to work. I ended up with the porridge-distribution role. We had plastic cups ready, … [Read more...]