Stuck in Traffic? Use the time to listen to these invaluable podcasts!

One habit I picked up in my startup life is reading business books. I started slowly, and then grew to read them voraciously.

But when I transferred houses from one which was a stone’s throw from the office to one which was an hour and a half away, my reading time got stymied.

This was how I introduced myself to the world of podcasts. I would download podcasts from the web, upload them into my mobile, and listen away: 3-4 hours a day sometimes in the traffic. Great, wonderful learning – during a time when there is minimal distraction.

Want to get started?

Let me introduce you to one of the most elaborate startup resources available online: The Stanford Entrepreneurial Lecture Series.

This is a series of podcasts from some of the most renowned startup founders in the world, talking about a variety of topics concerning entrepreneurship.

You can download the podcasts freely here. You can view the videos here, but I don’t recommend that while driving 🙂

Some of the podcasts you can start with:

A) Unlearn Your MBA

B) Honest Advice on Starting a Company

C) A Devotion to New Ideas

But believe me, almost all the entries are worth listening to.

If you do garner any concrete, meaningful insights from these sources, do share them below.

Happy learning people!

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