Okay! We’re 40 strong on Tuesday for the first ever JUANGREATMEET!!! (I couldn’t say no to the 5 additional people). I had to put my foot down at 40 people – the venue cannot accomodate it.

So – Arnold, Melissa, Dennis, Glen, Gep, Ian, JP, Carlos, Jonathan, Jonathan’s business partner, Johann, Mrs. Johann, Joey, Robbie T., Artie, Jeff, Sherwin, Andrew, Kathy, Ryan, Chey, Cesar, Roy, Ansyl, Lauren, William, Macky, Reggie, Irene, Erica, Gigi, Raffy, Kiyo, Martin, Peter I, Brenda, Robbie G, Alex, Sharon, and RG, see you all on Tuesday!

I’ll be sending you guys a quick survey in a while, kindly please answer and email back to me. The survey will help me prepare better for Tuesday. Again, please don’t flake!!!

For those who didn’t make the 40, don’t fret – I’ve learned my lesson here and will get a bigger venue next time.

I’m totally psyched to meet everyone and learn from everyone on Tuesday!

Seeya in Astoria!

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