Juan Great Time on August 29!

Reminiscent of August 8, it was once again raining hard, traffic was bad, and some people were missing that crucial u-turn along commonwealth leading to the Technohub, but that did not stop around 200 people from turning the Ayala-sponsored Juan Great Leap Startup Event into a rousing success. Thank you. Thank you so much to the Ayala-TBI team and Globe for sponsoring the event. Michi, Tina, Carl, and Rhea were amazing to work with on the ground. Special thanks to Carl for making the 200+ nametags by hand.  Thank you to the amazing, amazing panelists. Howard Go, Denton Chua, and Glenn Santos were everything you wanted in a panel: differing opinions, thought-provoking answers, and … [Read more...]

Once More, With Feeling! Ayala Foundation Presents: Juan Great Leap! Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success Rescheduled to August 29, 2012

Due to the monsoon rains, we are moving the August 8 event, Ayala Foundation Presents: Juan Great Leap! Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success to Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 630pm,  at the Ayala-TBI office at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Diliman, QC.  We will keep the reservations of the 250 who signed up beforehand. The seminar is already fully booked, but if you're willing to go on the waitlist just in case people drop their slots, you can do so by filling the form here. See you on the 29th! Hopefully, we don't get rained out this time :) … [Read more...]


Due to the heavy rains and extreme weather conditions, the August 8 startup event, Ayala Foundation Presents: Juan Great Leap, is being postponed. We shall be moving it to a later date, so please keep posted.  I think during these times, we should be shifting our focus a bit from startups towards patriotism and concern for our fellow countrymen who are severely affected by the flood. The true entrepreneur ALWAYS has a bias towards action. Let's harness this and do what we can. Donate. Volunteer. Spread vital information. Encourage. Pray. Let's make great leaps for our countrymen. … [Read more...]

August 8 Nametag Reminders

For those who are registered to attend on August 8 (10 days to go, woohoo!), just on case my email didn't get to you, please be reminded that we are going to use the nametag as a creative tool to facilitate networking and collaboration. The nametags will look like this: Unless you want a generic nametag (without a goal), please send me an email at peter@juangreatleap.com which states: a) The name you want to use b) The title you want to use c) The startup goal you'd like to achieve Please do send me that email by this Thursday (August 2) so we'll have ample time to print 'em. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Documenting the first JUANGREATMEET

WHAT: Juan Great Meet WHERE: Astoria Plaza WHEN: March 27, 2012 We were around 40 people packed in the Chelsea Room of Astoria. I started out with profusely thanking everyone who came. I gave a short talk entitled, "The 5 EPIC fails which almost did us in," which detailed the 5 worst mistakes we've ever done in our startup - these were also pretty much the 5 biggest lessons we had to learn. Incidentally, the five were the following: 1) Bad hiring 2) Failing to listen to customers 3) Failing to think big 4) Saying yes to everything 5) Failing to plan for our own obsolescence Here's a short excerpt regarding hiring: After some Q&A with me, we proceeded to … [Read more...]

Juan Great Night!

Was going to do my event update post tomorrow, but I couldn't help post something right now. Amazing night! Thank you so much everyone for your passion, your energy, and your time! I was so inspired by everyone's stories and learned so much! Amazing, amazing night! More startups please!   … [Read more...]


Hey people, Two people just backed out due to sudden schedule conflicts. We now have two slots open. If you are interested in going, please send me an email at pcauton@yahoo.com before 12:00 noon tomorrow. Do send it in ASAP so I can reserve your slot. Event's on at 7:00 pm tomorrow at the Chelsea Room, Astoria Plaza. Seeya everyone! Peter … [Read more...]


Okay! We're 40 strong on Tuesday for the first ever JUANGREATMEET!!! (I couldn't say no to the 5 additional people). I had to put my foot down at 40 people - the venue cannot accomodate it. So - Arnold, Melissa, Dennis, Glen, Gep, Ian, JP, Carlos, Jonathan, Jonathan's business partner, Johann, Mrs. Johann, Joey, Robbie T., Artie, Jeff, Sherwin, Andrew, Kathy, Ryan, Chey, Cesar, Roy, Ansyl, Lauren, William, Macky, Reggie, Irene, Erica, Gigi, Raffy, Kiyo, Martin, Peter I, Brenda, Robbie G, Alex, Sharon, and RG, see you all on Tuesday! I'll be sending you guys a quick survey in a while, kindly please answer and email back to me. The survey will help me prepare better for Tuesday. Again, … [Read more...]

Juan Great MEET: 7pm, March 27, Astoria Plaza

Okay. I've postponed this long enough. Let's meet. I know a number of you have wanted to meet up - I'm so sorry if I haven't replied with a definitive schedule on a coffee talk just yet, as my schedule's been crazy. I pray you'd be okay with this in the meantime. Let's not complicate things. I'll just give a short short sharing of My Own Startup story, we'll have a Q&A portion, and then it's Mingle Time. I'll invite a handful of other entrepreneurs and founders who want to help out so the learning experience and exchange would be at a maximum. It's going to be free, of course :) Sagot ko na muna.  If you've been sitting on your behind just reading posts and don't know … [Read more...]