JUAN GREAT MEET 2: Yep, you can pay at the event itself

For those asking, yes, to eliminate friction, you can pay the P500 fee at the event itself. Just send me an email at pcauton@yahoo.com to confirm your slot.

Like in the first event, I’m relying much on the trust factor here. Knowing that there are limited seats, please don’t flake, once you’ve made a reservation.

It will be a great talk. If you are a current web developer, I really recommend attending the event. Howard has so many useful insights on creating both value and revenue in the appstore environment. Below is a recent snapshot. If you are startup enthusiast, you will learn a lot about the startup process  – Howard will talk about creating and closing different business until finally hitting it big with Mochibits.


Howard’s Word Stack app recent placing on the android appstore

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