Electrifying JGL Mini-Meetup Last Night!

In the midst of the now-signature Juan Great Leap event rainshower, around 25 people from the Juan Great Leap Facebook Group met up for an evening of ideas, energy, and collaboration.
The format was simple. We started with 5-10 minutes of news (in the JGL Community and the larger local startup community). Then we did an Open Floor, where each person had a chance to pitch ANY question or ANY idea for 2 minutes to the whole group. The group would then chime in with their thoughts. At first, people were a bit shy, but after a few minutes the floodgates opened and people began fielding in questions like:
What do you guys think of this startup idea?
We’re thinking of having this price for this service, would you buy?
What do the tech people here think about this problem?
I need a co-founder who can do ________, would you or anyone you know be interested?
It was fun, engrossing, and energy-filled. It was crystal-clear that people wanted to help one another and listen – and this was a sight to behold.
After the Open Floor, there was free-for-all networking and pocket-meetings between people who had startups cooking from the JGL Facebook Group (there are 3-4 now).
Now that we have this one under our belts, we’re thinking of opening this up (announcing it in this blog) and doing it twice a month. It was a very good mix of people who want to take the leap, new startup owners, veteran startup founders, tech startups, non-tech startups, scalable startup businesses and lifestyle businesses – it might be good to check out the next one we’re having no matter where you are in the startup process and no matter what sort of “startup” you’re developing.
These “Mini-meets” would be different from the bigger, JGL Conferences (like the one we had last August in the Ayala Technohub). It would be more intimate, and geared towards direct sharing and collaborating.
Good start for these Mini-meetups! Excited to see where this goes!
Early birds! Estelle Osorio and Ulysses Cruz of Biz Whiz, Glenn Santos of Memokitchen, Ari Bancale of TAP, Ruffa San Pedro of PLDT, Noreen Bautista of EcoIngenuity, and (well, half of) Ryan Salvanera of Oracle
Someone’s sneaking out and going for the Cheetos
Noreen of EcoIngenuity talks about her advocacy, social enterprises, during the Open Floor
Gino Caparas of Stream Engine surrounded by bald guys
My head illuminating the proceedings
Allan Verzo of BITS
Ruffa G. shares her (super-awesome) startup idea with the rest of the folks
Randy Tan of LookingFour during the Open Floor
Angelica Lim of Gohunt.ph speaks during the Open Floor

Social Enterprise Updates, Startup Saturdays, and August 29 Keynote Clips

It’s been an awfully busy last few days for Juan Great Leap. I just want to loop you in with some important updates:

1. Cowboy Social Enterprise Planning

Last August 25, twelve Juan Great Leap readers took part in a “Cowboy” Social Enterprise Advocacy Planning held at the fourth floor of Amber Place in Pasig. The office was still being renovated, so the group went cowboy and just sat on the floor. Amazingly, almost everyone brought food to share with the group.

It was a very fruitful planning session. The group obviously shared the same passion as far as trying to make a positive difference for the country and its development. The prevalent theme was “starting small and thinking big.”

Ultimately, it was decided that an event be planned sometime November which will shed more light into social entrepreneurship and hopefully spur more people to explore founding one.

Do you want to help out? Please just email me at peter@juangreatleap.com so I can invite you to the current online discussions being done.

2. Startup Saturdays Slots

I usually talk to 2-3 entrepreneurs / would be entrepreneurs every Saturday morning, at the Starbucks in SM Masinag in Antipolo around 10am. The next open slots are for Sept 8 (1 slot free) and Sept 22 (3 slots still free).  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the chance to meet and share ideas with so many good people. Suffice it to say, this is free. If you want to reserve a slot, just send me an email at peter@juangreatleap.com

3. August 29 Keynote Clips

I spent the weekend editing the footage of the August 29 event. Found below is an abridged version of the keynote address divided into 5 videos. Apologies as the audio isn’t so clear. I’ll be sharing the keynote address, but I won’t be sharing footage from the great panel discussion we had – I do want to create a clear advantage for people who go directly to the events.

Here they are: (ADDENDUM: If you’re watching ONE video, choose the third one – Peter)

Opening Prayer, Starting Out, and the Birth of Juan Great Leap

Money and Meaning Do Not Have To Be Mutually Exclusive Anymore

The Practical and Philosophical Reasons Why You HAVE To Start With A Passion

The Modified Three Circles and How We Can Easily Build Rovios

If You Aren’t a Samurai, You’re A Rice-Picker

August 29 Juan Great Leap Startup Event Is Just Around The Corner

Just a quick reminder! The August 29 event, Ayala Foundation Presents: Juan Great Leap, Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success is definitely pushing through next Wednesday, August 29, 630 pm at the Ayala TBI Offices at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Diliman, QC.

Again, two quick reminders for those who are got reservations! Nametags (by tonight) and taking that tricky service road as you u-turn along near Iglesia ni Kristo/Tandang Sora. Do try to leave your offices as soon as you can so we can start on the designated time.

Super excited to meet all of you on Wednesday!

August 8 startup event is now 200% booked, 45 slots left

In only a week after the event announcement, we realized that the planned 100-person attendance was going to be blown to bits, so we  increased capacity by removing tables and altering the original space format.

As agreed upon with Ayala, we shall be limiting registration to 250 heads. As of 3:40 today, the attendance rate is at 205 heads.

There are 45 slots left.

For those of you planning to go, please sign up here now. We shall be closing once we reach 250 heads.

Again, please do not be a flaker! As we are getting closer to the date, I know we are also finalizing our respective schedules. If you are just now finding out that you cannot make it, please email me at pcauton@yahoo.com so we can give the slot to another person.

Thank you so much and see you at the Technohub on the 8th!

Ayala Foundation Presents: JUAN GREAT LEAP! Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success

WHAT: Ayala Foundation Presents: JUAN GREAT LEAP! Transforming Your Idea Into Startup Success

WHEN: August 8, 2012, 6:30 pm

WHERE: AYALA TBI,UP-AyalaLand Technohub, Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City



Limited to 100 slots. Food and drinks shall be served in the venue.


Here. We. Go!!!

As I promised a few days ago, I cancelled the last Juan Great Meet to make way for a bigger event.

The Ayala Foundation- TBI (Technology Business Incubator) is sponsoring  the next Juan Great Meet (not naming it MEET first so its more accessible to a wider audience)

The event is designed to let the participants learn and understand what exactly it takes to build a successful startup from idea to product delivery and development. We’ll be learning from four different entrepreneurs.

I’ll be hosting the event and will be delivering the keynote address (What it takes to achieve startup success).  Then we’ve invited 3 successful entrepreneurs to share with us how exactly they’ve taken their ideas and transformed them into profitable and meaningful ventures. We’ll be asking them to share real experiences and practical tips we can all use.

Here they are below:

Howard Go: Mobile Game Developer, Co-founder of Mochibits

Glenn Santos: Writer, Serial entrepreneur, Founder of Memokitchen

Dr. Denton Chua: Medical and tech entrepreneur, CEO/President of Health Cube

(I’ll be posting a more detailed account of their backgrounds soon)

Then, I’ll be facilitating a panel discussion / Q&A with our three guests. Exciting stuff!

We’ll be ending the night with networking and drinks.

Just 100 slots! Register now! (don’t flake!)

Seeya on the 8th!


Sorry for the late announcement people, but the second Juan Great Meet with Howard Go will not be pushing through as scheduled next Wednesday.

I’ve a very good reason: this morning I met with a big-name sponsor who is interested in holding the event – this means we can hold the event for free, so more people can attend! And since the venue would be significantly bigger, I thought of inviting a panel of entrepreneurs we can learn from who could speak at the event. We are planning to hold this early August. Exciting!

I had asked the sponsor if we could continue with Wednesday’s original event with Howard and then just invite other speakers  for the August event, but they were very intrigued with Howard’s background and insisted on having him in the panel.

So of course, if we continued with Wednesday, I’d get absolutely lynched for charging P500 and then having Howard speak again in a few weeks – for free!

So for those who wired me their cash – thank you very much!

Just kidding, I’ll wire them back to ya. All of you emailed me anyway, so I’d get back to you individually on how you can get the cash back. Apologies for the hassle and thank you for the patience.

Stay tuned for more announcements and details regarding our bigger event this coming August! Exciting! Lots to learn!

Happy weekend everyone!

Congratulations to the Miami Heat! (sigh)

JUAN GREAT MEET 2: Yep, you can pay at the event itself

For those asking, yes, to eliminate friction, you can pay the P500 fee at the event itself. Just send me an email at pcauton@yahoo.com to confirm your slot.

Like in the first event, I’m relying much on the trust factor here. Knowing that there are limited seats, please don’t flake, once you’ve made a reservation.

It will be a great talk. If you are a current web developer, I really recommend attending the event. Howard has so many useful insights on creating both value and revenue in the appstore environment. Below is a recent snapshot. If you are startup enthusiast, you will learn a lot about the startup process  – Howard will talk about creating and closing different business until finally hitting it big with Mochibits.


Howard’s Word Stack app recent placing on the android appstore


WHAT:        JUAN GREAT MEET 2: Pouncing Relentlessly on Opportunity

WHEN:        7:00pm, WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 2012

WHERE:     Function Room 1, 28th floor Union Bank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

After the success of the first Juan Great Meet, I’ve been very eager to continue doing events like this.

I’ve decided to make it a series where we would invite different entrepreneurs to give talks on their startup journeys, and then a question-and-answer portion. Then, like what worked so well before, we can have small group sharing/networking.

The difference this time is that I would need to be charging for the event (or my wife will strangle me) to cover some expenses. Just P500 though, and will already include the usual entrepreneur staple: Pizza.

The next entrepreneur talk is pretty exciting and I’m sure will be a tremendous learning opportunity.

Howard Go is the co-founder of Mochibits, Inc., an ultra-lean startup which has been creating money-making games on the Apple and Android App Stores for the past two years. Their most successful apps (SWIPETAPTAP, WORD TO WORD, and WORD STACK) have each been featured at one point by either Apple’s App Store or Amazon’s App Store.

Howard will talk all about his startup journey, which includes his own escape from the corporate jungle, putting up and closing down different businesses, and ultimately entering and thriving in the app development world.

I do know one thing: his pointers on what not to do and what to do when releasing an app is worth the price of ten admissions!

So if you are interested in:

– learning how to put up a lean tech startup, or

– how to create an app factory, or

– how to monetize apps, or

– hear an example of how someone jumped from the corporate life to form his startups,

…then reserve a slot now (limited to 50 slots) !

To reserve a slot, please deposit P500 to this BPI account:

BPI ACCOUNT: 3300-2024-53

And then you can either email me a copy of the deposit slip picture at pcauton@yahoo.com, or fax it at 02-5769358 (request for faxtone).

(UPDATE: Yes, you can pay at the event itself. Just reserve your slot by sending me an email at pcauton@yahoo.com. I trust you, please don’t flake!)


5 EXTRA SLOTS for Juan Great Meet, March 27, Astoria Plaza

The 30 original slots for Juan Great Meet on March 27, 2012, Astoria Plaza are now filled up.

We’ll be allotting five (5) extra slots for those who still want to go, so please send me an email at pcauton@yahoo.com to reserve your slot. We cannot allow anymore slots after this because of venue capacity.  Again, for those who confirmed, I trust you, so please don’t flake 🙂

I’m excited to see everyone!