Sorry for the late announcement people, but the second Juan Great Meet with Howard Go will not be pushing through as scheduled next Wednesday.

I’ve a very good reason: this morning I met with a big-name sponsor who is interested in holding the event – this means we can hold the event for free, so more people can attend! And since the venue would be significantly bigger, I thought of inviting a panel of entrepreneurs we can learn from who could speak at the event. We are planning to hold this early August. Exciting!

I had asked the sponsor if we could continue with Wednesday’s original event with Howard and then just invite other speakers  for the August event, but they were very intrigued with Howard’s background and insisted on having him in the panel.

So of course, if we continued with Wednesday, I’d get absolutely lynched for charging P500 and then having Howard speak again in a few weeks – for free!

So for those who wired me their cash – thank you very much!

Just kidding, I’ll wire them back to ya. All of you emailed me anyway, so I’d get back to you individually on how you can get the cash back. Apologies for the hassle and thank you for the patience.

Stay tuned for more announcements and details regarding our bigger event this coming August! Exciting! Lots to learn!

Happy weekend everyone!

Congratulations to the Miami Heat! (sigh)


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