BOOK REVIEW: The $100 Startup – It’s Awesome

Can you really make a business out of your passion? 

Can you do it by spending the least amount of money?

Author Chris Guillebeau interviewed hundreds of “micropreneurs” who are making a very comfortable living pursuing their passions in order to find out the answer to these two questions.

According to his book, The $100 Startup, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

I think this is a great, great resource for people who aren’t so much interested in the “I WANT TO CREATE THE NEXT FACEBOOK!” startup, but those who simply wish to make a comfortable living by creating a business around their passions.

The book is replete with examples from entrepreneurs from all walks of life, along with their stories on how they made successful, satisfying, entrepreneurial leaps without requiring large investments or specialized expertise.

After reading very “technical” startup books like Lean Startup and the Entrepreneur’s Guide To Customer Development, this was a joy to read, with Guillebeau using mostly memorable stories to explain concepts. There were also A TON of practical tips and suggestions for the entrepreneur on how to grow her startup. What I remember in particular were his suggestions on how to effectively launch a product, comparing the process with how a big-budget movie is released. (by the time a big movie comes out – we’re always giddy with excitement)

This book is for you if: 1) you are thinking of making the leap and have a plan 2) you are thinking of making the leap and you can’t decide on a plan, 3) You are a relatively new startup owner (1-3 years) 4) you are desperately tired of the corporate rat-race.

I think this is a good “First startup book” for someone who is thinking of taking the leap.

For veteran start-up owners, you can probably skip this, although there are a number of interesting ideas you can probably incorporate.

Posting this on the same day as the last post because they are quite related.

Happy reading!

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