Juan Great Time on August 29!

Reminiscent of August 8, it was once again raining hard, traffic was bad, and some people were missing that crucial u-turn along commonwealth leading to the Technohub, but that did not stop around 200 people from turning the Ayala-sponsored Juan Great Leap Startup Event into a rousing success.

Thank you.

Thank you so much to the Ayala-TBI team and Globe for sponsoring the event. Michi, Tina, Carl, and Rhea were amazing to work with on the ground. Special thanks to Carl for making the 200+ nametags by hand. 

Thank you to the amazing, amazing panelists. Howard Go, Denton Chua, and Glenn Santos were everything you wanted in a panel: differing opinions, thought-provoking answers, and excellent delivery. Special thanks to Denton (and his wife Anne) for celebrating his birthday with us, Juan Great Leap – style!

Thank you to all 200 people – and now I feel I know most of you  – for gracing the event.

As to what happened, let me post here recent blogposts from people who attended:

Ryan Salvanera’s blog 

Rachel Davis’s blog

Also Twitter reactions here.

Personally, I had such a blast! I actually had trouble sleeping last night because of the resulting adrenaline rush. It’s such a thrill for me to meet and hear the stories of different people. Thank you for trusting me with your stories. It was great seeing people from the first Juan Great Meet and how some of them have progressed with their startups (let’s go Katipunan Craft Beer!) It was also a thrill seeing some people I’ve met in Startup Saturdays in the room.

I was overwhelmed with the response, and I’m even more inspired to reach out and help more people.

Thank you for this honor and privilege.

Now, let’s strive to take even more leaps for Juan! Seeya in the next event!

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