On Power, Spiritual Leaders, Achieving the Impossible, and Other Random Motivational Thoughts

This is my third attempt at writing a blogpost today.

Currently, I’m experiencing that same feeling that I get when I’m being moved to write. The experience in which the spirit takes over and I am provoked to let go of inhibition because I’m being called to send a message.


I’m not sure what I’m being called to say, but here it goes:

  • Money will not give you power. Respect and humility in your work will go a long way
  • Leaders are spiritual. Something greater than their idea of self is at work. If we accept the call, then we must lead unafraid of what the world thinks
  • If we are trying to change things in the world, something in it apparently isn’t working
  • Never let the world define you
  • If you are truly passionate about a cause, people will join you
  • Don’t ever be afraid to take help from someone that you trust
  • Don’t ever be afraid to lend a hand when you are called to do
  • Logic and sense will only take you so far, but the spirit will carry you through
  • Trust in the Lord
  • The impossible can be accomplished if you fully open your mind and surrender your self
  • A courageous heart will move you to do things only ever dreamed of
  • Stay grounded

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