Startups Unplugged. Wow.

In a lot of ways, it was like launching a startup. The concept (sorta-kinda-like group speed dating) had never been done before and it was either going to be AMAZING or a complete, fiery DISASTER. No in-between. We thought it was a great way of creating better impact with a larger crowd than the usual conference/panel format. It was like holding a candle to a moth. We had to do it. It now fell on the capable shoulders of Matt Lapid to execute. So how did it go? At around 230, we started with a prayer, a sorta keynote (I felt totally unworthy doing a keynote, so I instead just went with some reminders), and then I painstakingly went through with the instructions - which … [Read more...]

20 More Tickets Released and Venue Clarifications for Startups Unplugged

Three quick things: 1) The event is fully booked again, but we're releasing about 20 tickets because of people who called to say they can't make it (thank you so much for the thoughtfulness guys!) 2) VENUE: there was some confusion because at some point, the Eventbrite Googlemap was pointing to some place else. The event will be at the Ayala-TBI office, at the UP-AYALA Technohub along Commonwealth in Diliman, QC. The venue is right beside Figaro where all the restaurants are. You can look at the map here.  3) Try to be there at 130pm. We are expecting a sizeable crowd, so please try to be at the venue at 130 so we can start asap. I'm pumped and excited for tomorrow! … [Read more...]


I had a grand time chatting up a storm with Franky and Jay at theBobberycast last night! With a Battlestar Galactica backdrop, we talked about Juan Great Leap, the role of the academe in the startup ecosystem, how to get more students interested in startups,  the startup Bottleneck, the sudden boom of the Philippine startup scene, how funding can help the 30-something would-be-entrepreneur, my Chikka experience, and so much other stuff. You can view the video here.  … [Read more...]

JGL@THEBOBBERY Tonight at 6!

Hey, if you aren't too busy later at 6pm, do tune in at where I'll be having a LIVECAST with the always-awesome host of thebobbery, Franky Branc. Of course, we'll talk up a storm about startups and entrepreneurship. If you haven't checked it out, do take a gander at  - it's a great site where you can learn a lot and be updated on the Philippine tech startup scene. … [Read more...]

Employing The Mach 3 Strategy

I was shaving my head this morning in the shower with my trusty Mach 3. I thought the blades needed changing. I made a mental note to myself to buy a fresh pack of blades - the woefully overpriced ones at the grocery counter. I had been buying these blades for FIFTEEN years already - I had been paying Gillette a small fortune. Funny, because I had never wanted these high-end blades in the first place - I won this Mach 3 way back in the 1998 Christmas party in my first corporate job. Once I got the Mach 3, somehow I just made a habit of buying the blades. I represent recurring revenue for Gillette. They must love me. If your startup idea can operate with a recurring, … [Read more...]

Only 100 Seats Left For STARTUPS UNPLUGGED, Register NOW!

100 Seats Remaining With eight days left till the March 2 event, only around 1oo seats remain. From experience, these seats tend to get gobbled up fast a few days before the actual event - so we advice that you click on the button below NOW and reserve your slot! Don't Flake!  Also, for those who already have reserved their slots, please don't flake! We've exerted all effort to make this a free event for all those who want to attend, so if you think you already know you cannot make it on the 2nd for some reason, please just reach out and tell us so we can give your slot to someone who can make it! (email us at or Prepare Your … [Read more...]

Open Coffee Fun!

Last Saturday was just an awesome experience. It never fails - get a room full of entrepreneurial people together to talk about startups and the room just erupts with energy. In the last open coffee, the discussion veered towards mostly finding co-founders and some the more philosophical aspects of doing a startup. This one was really all about 2 things 1) ideas and 2) helping one another. "What do you guys think of this idea?" "I think that will/won't work because..." "I know someone who can help you with..." "Let's talk later I think I can help you with..." I thought it was just awesome. In fact, one of the attendees wanted to do a study on how this burgeoning … [Read more...]

Juan Great Leap Presents: Startups Unplugged – Get Personal With 20 Awesome Startup Founders!

On March 2, we're having a MAMMOTH Juan Great Leap event! We've invited a who's who of 20 young startup movers and shakers across a variety of industries. Our objective? We want you to be able to learn from them in a very personal and unique way. I can best describe it as "Group Speed Dating." Those questions YOU'VE always wanted to ask? The stories YOU want to hear? The problems and solutions that's relevant for YOU? Well, simply put, you can just go around and ASK THEM yourselves. This will be on March 2, Saturday (yep, we heard all those requests not to do it on a weeknight), at the AYALA TBI Office at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Diliman. (This will be awesome. And you just … [Read more...]

Join the JGL OPEN COFFEE This Saturday!

Hey guys! This year we'll be starting things with a bang with Open Coffee this Saturday! It shall be held at the Bo's Coffee branch at Bonifacio High Street. Waitaminute! What is Open Coffee? We were calling this the monthly "Juan Great Meet" for a while, but we thought of rebranding it for two reasons: a) if you've been a longtime blog follower, you know coffee and "coffee talks" hold great significance for us, and b) we were sort of getting tired of the "Juan Great ____" play. So what happens in Open Coffee? Each person is given two minutes each to ask a question or share an idea to the whole group. The whole group then responds appropriately. All this over coffee :) The … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or "AA" for short, has been around for almost 100 years now, and has helped millions of people across the globe become sober, its sheer longevity attesting to its effectiveness. Of course, as we've seen in countless movies, they are famous for their meetings. We can all easily picture that group in that circle. Hi I'm ________, and I'm an alcoholic. AA has since inspired hundreds of other similar organizations, with each organization addressing other chronic problems, sufferers, and addictions - from anger management, cancer patients, gambling, and so on. It's simple, really. I won't belabor the point - the support group works.  So why not a support group … [Read more...]