Join the JGL OPEN COFFEE This Saturday!


Hey guys!

This year we’ll be starting things with a bang with Open Coffee this Saturday! It shall be held at the Bo’s Coffee branch at Bonifacio High Street.

Waitaminute! What is Open Coffee?

We were calling this the monthly “Juan Great Meet” for a while, but we thought of rebranding it for two reasons: a) if you’ve been a longtime blog follower, you know coffee and “coffee talks” hold great significance for us, and b) we were sort of getting tired of the “Juan Great ____” play.

So what happens in Open Coffee?

Each person is given two minutes each to ask a question or share an idea to the whole group. The whole group then responds appropriately. All this over coffee 🙂

The discussion goes where you want it to go. We’ve had two of these babies already, and they can get quite scintillating!

Who goes to Open Coffee? 

Around 30-40 people usually come, and its typically a very good mix (around 50%-50%) of both current entrepreneurs and those who want to take the leap. Varied ages. Varied backgrounds.

You want to take the leap and need to get support/get advice/find partners?


Are you a current entrepreneur who wants to get new ideas or support from peers? Or perhaps help other entreps and would-be entreps?


Is there a fee?

Of course not! This is FREE of course, our semi-requirement is that you just try to buy at least a drink to support our very gracious venue sponsor.

Special thanks to the good people at Bo’s Coffee, especially owner Steve Benitez for agreeing to host us!

I hope you guys can go! Do click the button below so you can register! 50 slots available. Grab ’em now!

Eventbrite - JGL Open Coffee


Last November's Open Coffee
Last November’s Open Coffee

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