70 More Tickets Added to the Fully-Booked Startups Unplugged Event on Saturday

Event Poster (Facebook)

Last night, we hit 250 people registering at the event. We’ve now got around 20-30 people in the waitlist as well.

Considering we’ve got a bigger space we can work with than the last conference, some people who got tickets and reached to say they cannot make it (thank you so much!) and how it just would be a shame if we limit the number of people who can participate, we’re releasing 70 more tickets for the event. 

For those who already got tickets, I do implore you – since the tickets are free AND limited, you WILL be screwing over someone who might truly want to go if you reserve a ticket and flake. If you do find that you cannot make it on Saturday for some reason, do email me at peter@juangreatleap.com or matt at matt@juangreatleap.com so we can free up slots.

This will be the final time we’ll be releasing more tickets, so I advise clicking the link below NOW if you haven’t yet.

Eventbrite - Juan Great Leap's Startups Unplugged: Get Personal with 20 Startup Founders

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