Do you really need Near Death to finally begin living life?


A few months ago a friend of mine told me about her recent life-changing plane trip

It was the stuff of nightmares. The plane she was riding in was becoming unstable. So much so that they actually released the gas masks and were given instructions to brace themselves. She thought that was it for her.

Fortunately, no crisis happened.

A different crisis though, was slowly swelling within her.

After her horrendous ordeal, she began questioning everything.

Why still be in corporate if she’s not happy? Why wasn’t she spending as much time with her kids? What did she REALLY want to do? What is her purpose?

She is now in the process of changing her life. Aligning it.

We know stories like this. Of people suddenly sobering up in the face of some near-fatal accident or sickness.

We read about them. We watch movies and TV shows about them.

Yes, we get inspired by them, but how many of us actually ACT accordingly?

I think most of us are caught in the illusion that we have time.

But we don’t really know for sure, do we?

It’s not just because death can visit our doors anytime, but also because time marches methodically. Unrelenting. Unfeeling.

You can continue saying, “I”ll do it this year,” and soon get to realize a whole decade just passed.

It seems only like a year ago that I graduated from college, not the actual 16.

Do we really need a near-death experience to jar us into truly living?

masksPerhaps you can simulate one.

Close your eyes. Use your imagination.

Imagine the gas masks were getting dropped on YOUR trip. Your plane is about to crash.

You are about to die.

Now ask yourself two questions:

1. What do you regret not having done? 

2. Are these the same things you are spending most of your time on now? 

Ponder. Consider. Pray.

Then, act.

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