June Open Coffee Postscript – This Just Keeps on Getting Bigger

group shot opencoffee
Record number for June! We can’t fit the pictures anymore!

As usual, everyone had a grand time in the June edition of JGL’s Open Coffee series held at the beautiful 47 East compound last Saturday.

It was a good mix of seasoned startup guys (like Joey Gurango, Ari Bancale, Jojy Azurin, Glenn Santos, David Elefant, Jason De la Rosa, Robert Bernabe, Roxanne Aquino, and so many others), newly-minted startup guys, and newbies.

As per Open Coffee tradition, 199jobs.com’s main man Glenn Santos starts things off with some startup news:

As per open coffee tradition, 199jobs.com's main man Glenn Santos starting things out with startup related news...

The first pitch is always kind of crucial. There’s usually a bit of hesitation as to who wants to go first.

Not in the June edition though!

Rick Sindiong gets the ball rolling
Rick Sindiong quickly steps to the plate and gets the ball rolling
Digital media publisher and freelancing advocate Arianne Chantelle
Digital media publisher and freelancing advocate Arianne Chantelle
JGL mainstay Alex Calero pitches
JGL mainstay Alex Calero pitches

An evident trend I really like is the increase of the number of students. In fact, a college freshman,  Kenley went up to pitch a cool university-based idea.

ADMU Freshman Kenley Tan
DLSU student Charles Uy
Blue Consulting’s Byron Raymundo and Karen Medriano

The pitches veered a bit more tech this time. With dashes of finance, retail, and social enterprise ideas/problems thrown into the mix. (Again, I’m amazed at how much information and help is exchanged in these forums.) The variety of ideas was just amazing. We had people pitching procurement e-commerce sites, angel “brokers” asking if anyone wanted 15 million in funding, asking for co-founders in the development of an IT firm targeting rural banks, asking for help for an entry for a US video production contest, a Japanese food retail play, a unique take combining crowdfunding and CSR, Joey Gurango pitching for more startups to join PSIA’s Launchpad program, and so, so much more.

joey gurango
Joey G. pitching PSIA’s awesome Spring.ph program for entrepreneurs
Dino Alcoseba pitching the idea behind sportscout.ph
Dino Alcoseba pitching the idea behind sportscout.ph

While this time, we had no moments of spontaneous beatboxing or singing, I think the pitch of the day came from Myles Jamito, who got the crowd’s imagination buzzing with samples of 3-D printed items.

Myles Jamito
Myles Jamito inciting a host of 3-D printing ideas from the audience

I CANNOT wait for the July edition!

More pics…

Randy Tan of Lookingfour
Randy Tan of Lookingfour does a pitch
DLSU professor and entrepreneur Ren de los santos pitches
Tim Mislos pitching!
Tim Mislos pitching!
47 East's Zar Castro gets the last say!
47 East’s Zar Castro gets the last say!


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  1. Looks fun! Fingers crossed in joining the next one! Schedule’s a mess 🙁

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