An Appeal to Generous Hearts – Let’s Help a Fellow Entrepreneur in Need

have a heart

Coming back from lunch last Monday, I was surprised to see someone who has been a frequent attendee at JGL events. Let’s call him Mark (not his real name).

When I began talking to him in our conference room, tears began to well up in his eyes as he narrated his story. This wasn’t going to be another startup brainstorming.

His mom’s kidneys were failing, and she needed to undergo dialysis to properly filter her blood and survive. This would be something permanent – she would need to undergo dialysis three times a week.

Mark and his brother had been scrambling the past few weeks to keep up with the payments. They had resorted to selling appliances and personal belongings.

But now they had nothing else to sell, no loans left to apply to.

Mark was at the end of his rope. He told me that he was supremely embarrassed to ask for help, but that he would do anything for his mom. He was asking me if it were possible to do a short-term loan.

Having gone through almost losing my own mother to meningitis some years ago, and having personally known what financial desperation feels like, I gave Mark some money.

It won’t nearly be enough. Since his mom is confined in a hospital, the dialysis rates are much higher (P5000 a pop) than some other places.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Sometime late July, Mark’s HMO coverage would reset, and he would be able to get some needed financial assistance. From now until then though, they would need to pay P15,000 a week. Mark would need around P45000-P60,000 to bridge that gap.

Mark needs our help. With his permission, I am posting this to appeal to your generosity.

There are two ways you can help Mark out.

A) Send Money

Do send it to my account:

BPI Account name: Peter Paul V. Cauton

BPI account no: 3300 2024 53

(do email me a photo of the deposit slip so I can account for the amount properly)

You can also drop it off at the STORM office, Unit 602, Centerpoint Building, Garnet cor Julia Vargas Streets, Ortigas Center. You can look for either me or Angeli.

Any amount helps.

B) You can give Mark some opportunities to earn money on the side

Mark currently works for a BPO firm doing graveyard. He has some time during the day to work with you on some other stuff. Mark is an EXCELLENT communicator and works well with people. He’s entrepreneurial. He’s obviously pretty motivated. If you have something for him, then please send me an email at

I’ve always marveled at how incredibly generous and giving this community is.

Let’s step up to the plate and help someone in his hour of desperate need.

Do share this if you can.

One thought on “An Appeal to Generous Hearts – Let’s Help a Fellow Entrepreneur in Need

  • Can I just say you guys are awesome? Within ten minutes of this post, we’ve raised 15K, had someone offer Mark part-time work, and have a kidney doctor call in to render her help.

    Let’s give mark more of our help and support!

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