Machine Failure!

So sorry for the lack of posts last week.

I poured water over my laptop. Of course, I did something phenomenally short-sighted when I tried turning it on to see if it still worked. It did.

For around 2 minutes. Until it permanently died.

I tried writing on my tablet, something less comfortable than writing on a real keyboard, but still palatable.

There was just something seriously demotivating typing on something which had major cracks on the screen.

You see, a friend of mine accidentally dropped it a few days ago.

I found it amusing that after years and years of surviving multiple crazy toddlers at home, one perfectly-angled drop would finally shatter its honorable, long-standing resisitance.

I can still hear the sound it made when it hit the marble floor.

So I was left with my phone.

No way. (using it now, but no way will I use it for a longer post)

Hopefully, I’ll have access to a working, suitable machine and get to writing soon.

Have a good week people!

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