Homecourt Advantage: 4 Reasons Why It’s STILL Awesome to Have an Actual Office

A few of my startup founder friends are deliberately choosing NOT to have a physical office. Their logic is simple: Smaller utility costs (electricity, water, rent) No travel costs (gas AND cost of time lost to traffic) No furniture costs Mobile technology now allows for free video conference calls across the internet Last weekend, we moved to…

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ADDENDUM: Learn How To Build Your Startup By JOINING One

Here's an interesting thing I realized when I was thinking of the previous post : From my stint in Chikka, I know around 7 people who have developed (or are developing) startups upon leaving the firm. In my own startup, STORM, a company of around 12-15 people at any given time, 2 people who've left the firm have formed…


Learn How To Build Your Startup By JOINING One

If I had not joined erstwhile startup Chikka Asia back in 2004, I most probably would not have had the inspiration and mindset to start my own firm. Back in those times, I only had one mindset - climbing the corporate ladder. My experience in Chikka broadened my career horizons and got me thinking, "hey, maybe I…

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