34 Reasons Why Startups are F-U-N!

Okay, so for a number of posts now I’ve been talking about how difficult startups are, overcoming huge obstacles, the bootstrapped life, how sheer hard work is a requirement, etc…

But you know what? Startups are just F-U-N.

I’ve never been more engaged in my life, and now I’m really just addicted to the experience of STARTING.

Here’s a quick list of reasons why!

1.  You can opt not to work with people you don’t want to (either client or employee)

2.  The feeling of that first office when you get the furniture in

3.  Seeing the idea you thought of ACTUALLY being bought

4.  Seeing that FIRST check, cash, or deposit from a customer

5.  Unencumbered creative brainstorming knowing the discussion could go ANYWHERE

6.  Not being able to sleep because you’re psyched about something you want to implement

7.  Winning a bid over a more established competitor

8.  Working in the trenches with your startup team, CREATING SOMETHING

9.  Pizza

10. Overnight overtime resulting in MAKING the deadline

11. Working on a truly innovative idea

12. Working with great people

13. Working on something YOU OWN

14. Getting a sincere “thanks” from a client

15. Pizza

16. Feeling momentum build

17. Great people saying “yes” to your job offer

18. The ability to MAKE your job your ideal one

19. Freedom from incompetent bosses

In your own startup, there's no need to hide

20. Freedom from useless meetings

21. Freedom from the need to suck up

22. Freedom from tyrannical bosses

23. Freedom from CYA culture (cover your ass)

24. CREATING a culture, not merely assimilating yourself into one

25. The continuous process of LEARNING about stuff are truly passionate about

26. Working on WORTHWHILE projects

27. Making the rules up as you go along (or as you need them)

#32 No limits!

28. Less talk, more action

29. It’s an investment and a day job (with a salary) at the same time

30. Exchanging ideas and war stories with other startup owners

31. The slow realization that you don’t need a corporate job to survive

32. The slow realization that there aren’t any limits

33. Current customers creating new leads through unsolicited referrals

34. Freedom to choose what sort of condiments you like for the pantry (like good brewed coffee, knorr seasoning, or banana ketchup)

35. Not only could you let your hair down and be yourself, you could be your BEST self

These are just SOME of the multitude of reasons why Startups are just awesomely fun.

Got more? Please feel free to hit the comment box to add reasons!