I had a grand time chatting up a storm with Franky and Jay at theBobberycast last night!

With a Battlestar Galactica backdrop, we talked about Juan Great Leap, the role of the academe in the startup ecosystem, how to get more students interested in startups,  the startup Bottleneck, the sudden boom of the Philippine startup scene, how funding can help the 30-something would-be-entrepreneur, my Chikka experience, and so much other stuff.

You can view the video here. 

JGL@THEBOBBERY Tonight at 6!

Hey, if you aren’t too busy later at 6pm, do tune in at thebobbery.com where I’ll be having a LIVECAST with the always-awesome host of thebobbery, Franky Branc. Of course, we’ll talk up a storm about startups and entrepreneurship.

If you haven’t checked it out, do take a gander at thebobbery.com  – it’s a great site where you can learn a lot and be updated on the Philippine tech startup scene.