Start-bucks Coffee.

My first startup, STORM Consulting, started as an idea in 2005, I talked about it with around 10 people – all potential co-owners I targeted – mostly in Starbucks. I then narrowed the field down from ten to two people and began building the foundation of the firm with my two new partners.

A recent startup, StreamEngine, (site is still in beta) which is launching this January, started when I talked to potential partners – mostly in Starbucks (some in Seattle’s Best).

A chunk of my time now I’m currently using by ย talking to different people regarding different ideas – all in coffee places and dining areas in the metro, 30-60 minutes each, mostly after hours.

You want to know where to start?ย Talk about it with someone. Get that idea of yours out of your head and into a conversation. To properly nurture ideas, they need to be out in the open, where they can grow, receive feedback, and get the attention they need. The more you talk about it, the more your idea will become real, more palpable. Energy is generated, momentum is generated – both critical elements in launching a startup.

Ideally, you are also using this process to recruit for potential partners. This is very critical, because once the incorporation is done – you essentially become married to your partners. Listen carefully: Who is excited about your idea? Who can help you take your idea further? Is this person DIFFERENT than you in key areas (ideas, skill set, network)? Is this person SAME as you in the key areas? (values, principles, work ethic)

So you want to start? Grab a cup with a friend tonight!

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7 thoughts on “Start@Starbucks!

  • Great post. And let’s not forget those resource persons who allow us to make concrete what we have an inkling about by sharing what it is a particular market may need. Asking the right questions to uncover real needs and wants plays a key role here.

    • Great add, bro. Yep, domain research is crucial. If you want to enter the the mobile industry, talk to the best mobile guys out there, you want to start a finance firm, talk to the best finance people. And as i mention here, these guys will know GREAT problems in their domain which need solving.

      You then need to create your assumptions based on domain knowledge, and most importantly, test them out in a cost-efficient manner after. So the jump, while brimming with faith and conviction, still HAS to be a scientific one.

      Folks, Howard here is a startup owner who started a his own mobile games business called Mochibits. I’m a fan of his newest game called Word to Word. Addicting. My wife loves it as well. Its in the Apple Appstore waiting for your download ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have so many ideas in my head, i’d probably have a nervous breakdown with all those coffee that will come with the ideas…


    -erick f. (C?????? Ventures, Inc.)

  • Interesting that I come across this now. Was reminiscing about plans I had to do “Coffee Dates” with thought leaders a few years back, primarily to get me off my comfort zone – I am too reticent about talking to strangers, esp experts. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the reminder… ๐Ÿ™‚ Yvette

    • Hey Yvette! How are you doing?!

      You know, that’s what’s amazing about social media. No one needs to be a complete stranger when the personal meeting finally happens.

      I remember someone from the US I met online. We just spoke through Skype and chatting, working on a startup.

      When we did finally meet here (yep, for coffee), it was like we knew each other for a long time already ๐Ÿ™‚

      What are you up to now?

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