The Shy-Guy’s Guide to Awesome Networking, Part 2

(This post is the second part of a two-part series. Part one can be found here.) 5. Remember, there is no template Like in part one, I'm starting this segment with a psychological hurdle. We often have a perception of what a networker is - someone extraverted, someone who is oftentimes the life of the party, someone…


The Shy-Guy’s Guide to Awesome Networking, Part 1

I have always found it easy to speak before a crowd, but I've always been a little bit on the shy side when it comes to one-on-one meetings with strangers. It's funny that I never really saw the value of effective networking when I was in Human Resources. As a startup owner though, I gradually found out…


To ensure success, go DEEPER not wider

Okay, so you are a startup owner. Chances are great that you have limited resources. Understanding that you cannot be everything to everyone, you identify a niche and concentrate on that. I am now getting more and more convinced that the niches we think are specific enough are STILL oftentimes too broad. We have to go deeper.…


Assemble Your Avengers! An interview with the best startup recruiter there is, Nick Fury

A JUAN GREAT LEAP EXCLUSIVE: An interview with General Nick Fury himself, credited with starting two very successful startups: SHIELD, where he now serves as Director, and more recently, The Avengers. Peter Cauton: Uhm, thank you very much, Director for allowing us an audience. The Juan Great Leap community is ecstatic for this opportunity to learn from…


My Post-surgery Paradigm

Last Friday morning, I was wheeled into an operating room. They strapped my arms in crucifix position. (yep, apparently they strap your arms). Then the doctors came in and introduced themselves to me. They were about to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy. I was having my gall bladder removed due to stones and a polyp. One doctor explained that she…


Generate Startup Ideas Using Tourist’s Eyes

When we are travelling for the first time in a foreign location, time seems to slow down, and we get to absorb all the juicy details. There is no little thing which escapes us: how the air is different what clothes people are wearing how the food tastes how people greet one another how clean (or dirty)…

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