Juan Great Leap Presents: Startups Unplugged – Get Personal With 20 Awesome Startup Founders!

On March 2, we’re having a MAMMOTH Juan Great Leap event!

We’ve invited a who’s who of 20 young startup movers and shakers across a variety of industries. Our objective? We want you to be able to learn from them in a very personal and unique way. I can best describe it as “Group Speed Dating.”

Those questions YOU’VE always wanted to ask? The stories YOU want to hear? The problems and solutions that’s relevant for YOU?

Well, simply put, you can just go around and ASK THEM yourselves.

This will be on March 2, Saturday (yep, we heard all those requests not to do it on a weeknight), at the AYALA TBI Office at the UP-Ayala Technohub in Diliman.

(This will be awesome. And you just HAVE to go)

300 FREE seats, so grab ’em at the link below. Now.

Eventbrite - Juan Great Leap's Startups Unplugged: Get Personal with 20 Startup Founders

Check out the very gracious entrepreneurs who have already agreed to contribute and help out:

David Cruz

Industry: Technical (Hardware)

Blackfort Electronic Surveillance Systems Corporation; Mistral Global Gaming; Neugent Technologies; One-Touch Communications

Joey Gurango

Industry: Technical (Software)

Gurango Software Corporation

Nix Nolledo

Industry: IT (E-commerce)

Havoc Digital; Xurpas, Fluxion

Mark Ruiz

Industry: Microfinance

Microventures Inc. (Hapinoy), Rags 2 Riches Inc.

Noreen Bautista

Industry: Retail (Fashion)

EcoIngenuity (Jacinto & Lirio)

Justin Garrido

Industry: Social


Danella Yaptinchay

Industry: Business Services, Publishing

Co-lab; Homegrown Media Inc. (Homegrown.ph)

Estelle Osorio

Industry: Consulting

BizWhiz Business and Training Consultancy

Karen Yao

Industry: Consulting

Congruent Partnerships 

Raffy Taruc

Industry: Retail (Beverages)

Katipunan Craft Ales

Mike Go

Industry: Retail (Apparel)

Bagong Payatas Community Ventures Inc. (TRESE)

Luis Buenaventura   

Industry: Technical (E-commerce)

Infinite.ly, HACK2HATCH

Gian Javelona 

Industry: Technical (Application Development)

Orange Apps

Tembong Yambao  

Industry: Retail

Apollo, Urban Chef

Maoi Arroyo 

Industry: Biotech

Hybridgm Consulting

Odell Ramirez

Industry: Finance, Tech

Babypips, Lulu

Reese Fernandez

Industry: Retail


Anna Meloto-Wilk

Industry: Natural Personal Care

          Human Nature


Event Poster

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