Open Coffee Fun!

Last Saturday was just an awesome experience.

It never fails – get a room full of entrepreneurial people together to talk about startups and the room just erupts with energy.

In the last open coffee, the discussion veered towards mostly finding co-founders and some the more philosophical aspects of doing a startup.

This one was really all about 2 things 1) ideas and 2) helping one another.

“What do you guys think of this idea?”

“I think that will/won’t work because…”

“I know someone who can help you with…”

“Let’s talk later I think I can help you with…”

I thought it was just awesome.

In fact, one of the attendees wanted to do a study on how this burgeoning startup culture is the antithesis of the Filipino crab mentality we are so often accused of.

Thank you so much Bo’s Coffee, for hosting us! The food and coffee were great! (I didn’t know Bo’s had such great breakfast food! As in!)

JGL OPEN COFFEE PRINCIPLES (very much evolving)

1) We are all peers. There is no one higher or lower.

2) We will help each other succeed. There is enough room for everyone. It is never a zero-sum game.

3) Newcomers are very much welcome!

Be sure to join the next one, coming in a month!

open coffee 7
Our gracious hosts!
open coffee
JGL February Open Coffee

open coffee1 open coffee2 open coffee3 open coffee5 open coffee6

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