I’m Back!

If I'm not mistaken, I think this has been the longest time that has elapsed that I haven't written here. (where I wasn't sick or indisposed) Apologies. Given the rains, I actually had a lot of time to write, but I found myself spending a lot of time thinking and regrouping instead. Given all things I've been…


Last Call for July Open Coffee – 27 slots left!

Posting the last call for this Saturday's Open Coffee event at the 47 East compound! Do register here now and grab the remaining slots before we close registration. What I've observed is, the larger the crowd, the more valuable the process becomes. When someone pitches a large crowd, there is almost always someone who has a very intimate…


JULY OPEN COFFEE on the 27th!

Can you feel it in the air? It's that time of month again! Here's a pic of what happened last time! We could barely fit the screen! Do join us for the next JGL Open Coffee on July 27, Saturday. We'll be doing it again at the beautiful 47 East Co-working facility at 47 Esteban Abada, Loyola…


How I’m Picking Up The Pieces and Re-Launching Them As Startups. Anyone interested in being founders?

Around 3 years ago, STORM was in a rut. We made a sellable product in Flexible Benefits. We were so excited that people were ACTUALLY BUYING our product that we... ...made OTHER products instead of concentrating and building on our winner. I blame my entrepreneurial craziness for this one. Wrote about this a bit for homegrown.ph -…


Pitchcraft Postscript

I had a great time at the Pitchcraft Event last Saturday at AIM. With nearly 70 people, there was a lot of energy in the air. Most importantly, I saw there was a lot of learning happening. Just a quick summary of what happened, for those of you who missed it: First, Karen Hipol of Carillion Partners…

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